Yoga Studio, Black Lives Matter Dispute Over Advertised Rap Yoga Class

Discussion in 'In the News' started by K, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. K

    K Well-Known Member

  2. Thump

    Thump Well-Known Member

    Oh for fuck's sake! These idiots are undermining the movement with this petty shit.
  3. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

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  4. meowkittenmeow

    meowkittenmeow Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm... I find it odd that the black feminist movement would be so angry about white people enjoying a genre of music created by black men. I thought hip hop was all misogynistic and heteronormative to them. So, I guess the culture that they would be appropriating would be black male culture. I don’t personally know of any black men or black rappers upset about this. So, this is very odd, not surprising, but odd.
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  5. Frederick

    Frederick Well-Known Member

    Yet we're the ones who take the heat from these clowns going out and showing their asses.

    Seriously, fuck BLM. They were out in force when Obama was in office. Now, they're quiet as roaches.

    Afraid of Trump so they're targetting yoga studios and WW who wear braids. Shit is embarrassing.
  6. K

    K Well-Known Member

    It's really worth taking a look at. Yes it is about cultural appropriation. The white woman who was teaching the class is married to a black man, he speaks up about it in the video talking about how they listen to Rap and like it and as with most classes around the city, they are trying to stay relevant and attract clients. A male yoga instructor (black man) who was supposedly teaching at another school got pissy and lit this up. BLM complained to the yoga center and the owner talked with the instructor and they decided to pull the class. So they cancelled the class, but BLM still came out and hung out in front of the business at the door, they didn't prevent people from going in, but they had signs and did interviews in front of the door.

    To me, it seems there are several bs issues with this. Clearly some yoga teacher is jealous (if he ever really existed - media can't seem to find the guy or get the other studio to respond). As some of us are well aware, there are those who are not ok with IRR. And yes now for a white person to play Rap in a class is cultural appropriation and BLM want to make a stink over something that was already handled in the way THEY wanted it handled. SMDH
  7. K

    K Well-Known Member

    Yah, you would almost think they would LOVE it if white women are into it and all, but of course we know that's not true.

    The whole thing was supposedly started by a black man (a yoga teacher at another school, but won't respond to media requests and disappeared).
  8. The Dark King

    The Dark King Well-Known Member

    They are deeply unhappy and don't know why so they waste time on shit like this. I'm sure there are kids who have nowhere to go after school or people not eating but this is where they put their time and energy says a lot.
  9. K

    K Well-Known Member

    Really good point.
  10. Thump

    Thump Well-Known Member

    Part of the problem is that just like feminism, BLM is a loose coalition of ideas and motivations. So nobody has the responsibility to reign these people in.
  11. The Dark King

    The Dark King Well-Known Member

    And the bigger issue is they are often thought of as above criticism otherwise you're being sexist or racist.
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  12. darkcurry

    darkcurry Well-Known Member

    And it's all centered around willful ignorance, hate and fear. They have very little knowledge of sexism and racism, but believe they know what they are talking about therefore knows how to handle it. And they react to things out of hate and fear. Hate and Fear are negative feelings, so whenever you react with negative feelings you limit your capability to use something positive like common sense. They begin to quickly judge and misjudge things and the hate causes them to label anybody white when it comes to racism or a man when it comes to sexism... guilty!
  13. AlmostThere

    AlmostThere Active Member

    Or they could use their time and energy and put up their own money and open their own Yoga studio (and other business to serve the lives that they claim matter to them).
  14. Thump

    Thump Well-Known Member

    That's why black folks need to be the ones to call these people out on their silliness, and women need to be the ones to callout extreme feminists.
  15. meowkittenmeow

    meowkittenmeow Well-Known Member

    They thrive on drama, it sustains them.
  16. meowkittenmeow

    meowkittenmeow Well-Known Member

    The black man may have had issues (maybe a stolen idea?), but to protest outside is all black feminist blm crap.
  17. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    Calm down. They have been paid off or had their prefrontal cortex removed.
  18. GFunk

    GFunk Well-Known Member

    Making BLM look foolish with this shit. A fucking non-issue.
  19. K

    K Well-Known Member

    another local news ended up doing an interview with the woman who's in charge of BLM in the area for Black History Month....she's something else.
  20. RicardoCooper

    RicardoCooper Well-Known Member

    This "White Man of Black People" has used his "white privilege" to "white flight" away from black hoes

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