White Woman Exposes Loser Black Men Who Take Advantage Of Them

Discussion in 'Stereotypes and Myths' started by jaylon, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

    LMFAO, @RicardoCooper look at this video dude posted!! I didn't bother to watch it, but the video title and name & avatar of the user who uploaded that video tells you all you need to know. So it's a conspiracy for women to want educated brothas, who most likely will at least have steady career, as opposed to wanting Pookies & Ray-rays?
  2. andreboba

    andreboba Well-Known Member

    LOLOL. You're a funny dude.
  3. Tamstrong

    Tamstrong Administrator Staff Member

    Why are you so fixated on this piece of shit video???

    You've posted it three times in the last couple of days, and you created a thread featuring the same video in 2015. Let it go already.

    Edit: I moved everything to the thread you originally created. One thread is more than enough of that garbage.
  4. jaylon

    jaylon Member

    i did not know i made this same post some years ago..

    my bad....
  5. jaylon

    jaylon Member

    sorry guys..

    i did not know i made this same thread years ago....

    i should have checked the search engine to see if this was discussed.....

  6. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

  7. meowkittenmeow

    meowkittenmeow Well-Known Member

    On the fourth year of every troll post, the league of trolls return to repost their troll post, it is written in the book of troll.
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  8. Rochiebabes86

    Rochiebabes86 Active Member

    I wouldn’t watch her talk for 15 mins even if she wasn’t a big gal
  9. sarah23

    sarah23 Well-Known Member

    This woman is just perpetuating the stereotypes of white women with black men.
    What a collection of degrading words .... slutty etc.
    Even more disgusting as it is a white woman degrading us !
  10. Reverie

    Reverie Well-Known Member

    Expose them? Couldn't she just ignore their advances?
  11. meowkittenmeow

    meowkittenmeow Well-Known Member

    Apparently she can't ignore us because...

    We're Simply Irresistible...
  12. Rochiebabes86

    Rochiebabes86 Active Member

    I cant be the only one who watches your Prince gif 5x at least every time I scroll past it
  13. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Great question.
  14. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Searching sure beats repeating.
  15. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    That video by that woman is stereotypical since l'm pleased some brothers are dating WW who are attractive. I could count with a few fingers WM who date BW who are not attractive.
  16. Reverie

    Reverie Well-Known Member

    Too many black men are.

    Wanted drama that one.

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