Sexual Harassment/Assault Scandals

Discussion in 'In the Media' started by ColiBreh1, Oct 6, 2017.

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    I hope his estate wins that lawsuit against hbo for 100million. They need to sue Oprah's ass too.

    Everyone knows how to boycott except black folks, damn shame.
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    Sighs... The struggle that she must endure... I hope she is able to make it through this without any lasting trauma :p
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    But what if his music calms me.

    I swear, true story, right now l'm at a major gym franchise and they're playing 'ABC' by the Jackson's. Shhh...

    Edit: Lol.. 'Rock With You' is playing in the gym now.
    (l need to check my Pandora to see if his channel is still up on my list.)
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  5. Bliss

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    Whatever happened to "sorry for the inconvenience". And leave it at that.
    People just look to be offended.

    What if l was in there humming to Rock With You on my ear buds. Will l be asked to leave because of her? Will they call the police?
  6. AtomSmasher86

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    So the federal prosecution is going to pretend like this guy possessing child-pornography isn't a federal crime lol?
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    By today's standards, I guess I have. But, in reality, it wasn't that big of a deal. Though, I know some would go, "If a man had done this .... der, der, der ... fake outrage."

    To me, it was just adult women playing adult games. But for one instance of a feared pregnancy, it wasn't a big deal. Which is why I think a lot of women are way too sensitive when it comes to these situations.
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    I think it's best to keep one's hands to oneself.
  9. meowkittenmeow

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    This guy actually made a laundry list of valid points and pointed out various discrepancies.
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    Never been touched, groped, molested. I'm beginning to think I'm in the minority the way people are crying these days
  11. Beasty

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    I think you're right and looks like you might be the only one here.
  12. Beasty

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    That one situation that you are referring to was rape. I remember when you told us about that. I'm guessing it would have been much worse if the woman was someone that you never had sexual relations with or someone you wasn't attracted to in any way. (Not to possibly diminish anyone else's experience)

    Like if that was mma chick Chris Cyborg raping you. I'm guessing it would have felt more like actual rape.
  13. AtomSmasher86

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    ...Whadda ya mean? Have your parents changed your diaper and bathed you as a baby? Molestation! They had no right to look out for your health and well-being without your consent! Did your mother breast-feed you as a baby? She forced her breasts in to your mouth, you had no consent!

    Every single day tens of millions of men choke their chicken, beat and sexual assault their meat, and their trouser snakes had no say in the matter!!!!!!
  14. andreboba

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  15. K

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    Rape is always an act of violence and it doesn't always appear as what we typically think of as violence. Think about child molestors/rapists who groom their victims often by being very nice but then also threatening them with harming their family or they do all sorts of other mental abuse to get the kids to do what they want. There's all sorts of manipulation involved. Women will often threaten a man to do what she wants in terms of rape. I know one man who was in college and a chick he knew of threatened that she was going to go to the authorities, the school, and his gf and say he raped her if he didn't have sex with her. It was long ago. He was an upcoming black athlete and she was a white chick who's daddy held a high position. I think it often turns out to be something like this....a matter of some sort of threat that will ruin the man's life. I think it happens much more than people realize and where's the metoo outrage for it?!

    It's a very narrow view to think that rape is only a specific type of violent attack by a stranger. There's often much more involved....extorsion, mental manipulation, etc.

    Attraction and all that doesn't make anything better. I was raped by someone I knew who I really liked and admired. In many ways, I think it was much worse because I was attracted to him and thought so much of him.
  16. Beasty

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    I agree. I have been threatened. A chick attempted to rape me in the past. The crazy thing is I had sex with her once and didn't want to anymore. Don't doubt anything you're saying. Just trying to understand his perspective because he actually got raped as a man and doesn't think of it that way.
  17. K

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    Yah I know situations like you described too....and with really bad outcomes.

    I think it's really tough for men to wrap their head around that they could be raped unless it's an obvious brutally overpowering violent situation.
  18. meowkittenmeow

    meowkittenmeow Well-Known Member

    If I remember correctly, he said, "I thought it was hot". By definition, it was rape. But, by his opinion and experience, he gave some form of "non-verbal consent". So, it may not be rape. It's a strange area. For example, if a married couple get wasted (drunk and or high), and have sex, technically, by definition it can be considered rape or sexual assault from either parties. But, if they discussed it before hand or "that's what they do" they may not see it as rape or sexual assault (although it can definitely fit the description). It's an odd thing in this current climate. I remember hearing stories about the 70s and 80s with disco, rock and roll, punk, and sex. People did drugs, got high, had sex, and went on with their lives.

    I think the important thing is that we focus on those who didn't give consent or any non-verbal cues. Some people put themselves in predatory situations (not to victim blame), and don't see it as bad because they like the person or it is their version of "wooing someone". For example, I knew a woman in a similar situation. She would meet up with a female friend and hang out. The friend always wanted to smoke weed and then have sex with her. She told me that she was only willing to have sex with the friend when she was high (on weed). She wasn't into it any other time. In addition to that, she didn't really like to smoke weed. But, because she was a friend, when she would visit, she "didn't want to be rude" and would smoke some. I remember asking her if she felt coerced, or if she felt the situation was predatory. She told me no. I asked her, "if her friend had been a man, would you feel the same". She told me she "would feel some kind of way about it". The situation meets the description of coercion, and can easily be seen as predatory. But, from her individual perspective, it wasn't bad because her friend was a woman. I'm not even going to get into the sexual assault statistics for women with women.

    The reality is, as odd as it is, when factoring in the law, this is one of those few situations where individual opinion outweighs the actual definition of the law.
  19. Thump

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    Dude tried to kiss me once, apparently, it's not only straight guys who can misread a situation.
  20. Beasty

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    Hopefully no one makes that really bad mistake with me. Big Big mistake.

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