RIP to Rapper Nipsey Hussle

Discussion in 'In the News' started by ColiBreh1, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

    Apparently this is a trending story on Twitter today:

  2. Tsharp99

    Tsharp99 Active Member

    Ok, so whats the problem with that? Oh I get it, his wife is WHITE that's a NO NO!!
  3. qaz1

    qaz1 Well-Known Member

    Oh, I assumed it was because his family was rich and doesn't need the money. I thought they were insulted by the insinuation that they're broke. But I don't follow this stuff, so there's a good chance I'm wrong lol
  4. darkcurry

    darkcurry Well-Known Member

    I agree with Jaye. Unnecessary on Reggie's part I get it, but it shouldn't cause outrage people are overreacting and I believe LOOKING for a reason be angry. Karen Civil put it best and in respectful way without outrage. Some people need to learn just as Reggie needs to.
  5. darkcurry

    darkcurry Well-Known Member

    Some are, but others we know were CLEARLY waiting for it. Look up the tweets he isn't reading. lol. Jaye eluded to it when he circled the photo of him and his wife saying this is already going to upset some people.
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  6. AtomSmasher86

    AtomSmasher86 Well-Known Member

    Here we go again, the Shea Butthurt Twitter Fake Woke community proving they're largely a misinformed movement.

    They bitching and moaning about Reggie's wife being Armenian, but what they don't know is Nipsey who is Eritrean, likely would have had ancestors that had long standing centuries old cultural ties between Armenia and East Africa. Eritrea prior to the early 1990's, was apart of Ethiopia, and where apart of the East African Sahel's (Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan) early widespread adoption of Coptic Orthodox Christianity; Eritrea has since had their own independent church, but still falls under the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church like they did when they were still apart of Ethiopia. If you look at historical textbooks the very first countries to uniformly adopt Christianity (of the Coptic/Orthodox/Oriental Christian denomination) would be Armenia and Ethiopia, which had distinct cross-cultural ties for hundreds of years. You would think that the movement against 'colonizers' would know some history of Ethiopia/Eritrea's (a country that successfully defied and defeated, fascism/white supremacy, colonization) and its historical ties with it's relatively close cultural ally (Armenia). Their revulsion towards an Armenian and her compassion towards a fallen Eritrean, speaks volumes of their ignorance/naivety and depravity towards actual African history:
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  7. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

    1 of the most disgusting things post-Nipsey's death is seeing these people act like they fucc with Nipsey now. I saw a chick I follow on Twitter say it best:
  8. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

    LOL, told you it was taboo.
  9. Bliss

    Bliss Well-Known Member

    Yeah yeah, including our former President. Not one fuc with for 8 yrs and Nipsy's been out there since 2009. Then comes 'the letter'.

    On a side note, There are parts of Nipsy that l like and dislike. Some of his lyrics...damn..cold blooded.
    But l love his Dr. Sebi side. And his empowerment. And l like his mom.
  10. Bliss

    Bliss Well-Known Member

    'Kerry Lathan, a 56-year-old man who was shot in the back outside Nipsey’s Marathon Clothing store. Five days after the shooting, Lathan, who is out on parole after serving 20 years for murder, was arrested at his half-way house for associating with a known gang member — namely, Nipsey.

    One of the standard conditions of parole is not associating with known gang members, and police claim Nipsey was a member of the Rollin 60’s Crips.

    Lathan is now in Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A. where he waits as authorities try to revoke his parole. Lathan is in a wheelchair — the result of the shooting — unable to walk.'

    Bogus and fucked up.

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