Rate these cities for IR dating for BM.

Discussion in 'How To Meet White Women and Black Men' started by blackbrah, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. 4north1side2

    4north1side2 Well-Known Member

    I second this!
  2. stiletoes

    stiletoes Well-Known Member

    My birthplace :)
  3. stiletoes

    stiletoes Well-Known Member

    Put Boston at the BOTTOM of the list
  4. MightyLighty

    MightyLighty Well-Known Member

  5. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

    Is that a serious question? Boston has a reputation for being racist.
  6. MightyLighty

    MightyLighty Well-Known Member

    ^O..ok, thanks.:)
  7. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    No doubt indeed.
  8. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Wished I known a soul over there since I would love to visit the place.
  9. Carolyn

    Carolyn Member

    Add Albany NY to your list, tech industry getting big here and new SUNY nanotech center - plus lot of colleges - makes for smart IR community -
  10. The Dark King

    The Dark King Well-Known Member

    Really? I live further downstate and never heard that
  11. glt1980

    glt1980 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I’m from the nyc area and I have heard that the further upstate u get the more “redneck” New York becomes.
  12. MBAGrad

    MBAGrad New Member

    In the U.S. I would go with NYC, Atlanta, Miami, and L.A.

    Abroad, Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Prague. White Aussie and Scandinavian women LOVE black men because we are so rare there, and the influence of hip hop culture.
  13. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

    I saw a thread on another forum discussing the amount of BMWW IR couples they've noticed in the south (particularly in the Dallas area). I saw a few posts I thought I'd share because @The Dark King is always pushing this outdated narrative about the south being more racist than the rest of the U.S. & that he would be scared to talk to a ww in the south.:

    Y'all agree with that last post?
  14. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    It's an excellent post.

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