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  1. DudeNY12

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    True. One issue is that so many of them don't have the courage to stand up to the POTUS. But if it becomes a mass exodus... There's power in numbers. He already goes off the deep end now with simple criticism/disagreement/refusal to kiss his ass.. Imagine him if/when he suddenly don't enjoy the advantage of congress being controlled by his party.
  2. Beasty

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    Have you ever needed to explain this to a functioning adult irl?
  3. Thump

    Thump Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I have.
  4. Bliss

    Bliss Well-Known Member

    World leaders roll out the carpet for him.

    Look, we're not talking about a two-bit whore here, this the former FBI Director who wrote a decorum-less book and behaved with zero decorum himself.
    Trump spoke highly of him even when he fired him.
    It's the sneaky-snake Liberals in the FBI who started this shit. Trump finishes it.
    Put your big-boy pants on and stop clutching your pearls when Trump claps back.
  5. Since1980

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    There's pretty much a mass exodus already, what with so many Republicans deciding not to run for re-election this year. It says a lot that when the party that literally runs the country is so dysfunctional that getting the fuck outta Dodge makes more sense than sticking around. But in a lot of ways I can't really say I blame any of them: if Donnie so completely out of control in public, how bad does he act behind closed doors?

    Truly sad times we live in when the President of the United States is so weak and delicate that he has to throw daily hissyfits on social media because mean people keep hurting his feelings. Without Paul Ryan to coddle his ego 24/7 we're going to need a stronger word than embarrassing to describe his behavior.
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  6. Thump

    Thump Well-Known Member

    First of all I don't wear pearls they make my neck look fat. Secondly the president of the United States should be and is held to a much higher standard than an FBI director. Also world leaders rolling out the red carpet for Trump is proof of their decorum not his.
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  7. andreboba

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    Liberals in the FBI??

    LOL. That's funny. Both the CIA and FBI are traditionally conservative institutions. Comey is a conservative.
    Trump is painfully insecure which is why he lashes out whenever he feels threatened. Every insult is a personal threat to his psyche.
    Trump's impulsive tweeting really hurts how the WH is perceived domestically and abroad.

    The most dangerous personality trait for any world leader is being thin-skinned. An impulsive, vindictive president is a dangerous one.
    Teenage girls are supposed to 'clap back', not presidents of the United States.
  8. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    Lol. Even animals understand tone.
  9. DudeNY12

    DudeNY12 Well-Known Member

    IKR! I bet nearly everyone has seen/heard of something like this, and we get it... Toddler - Hasn't yet developed tac
    Agreed! I think it's rather funny how he acts tough, and obviously his followers eat it up, and say the same. How tough can one be to talk trash to mics and cameras. Where I come from... You have beef with someone... You tell that person to their face.

    As expected he's dispatching all of his flunkies out to trash-talk Comey's book and interview.
  10. Bliss

    Bliss Well-Known Member

    'Act' tough. He does Act. And you guys can't handle it. That's why his haters try to thwart his political actions at every turn.

    You say, "where you come from..." lol.. He comes from NY. He told Comey to his face in two words - "You're Fired!"

    Comey skuttled away and now 'fires back' by writing a 'whiney tell-all-gossip book?
    Why didn't he do "like you do, where you come from"..and tell the POTUS to his face how he felt?

    So now that Trump responds in now want to complain, "Why can't he tell Comey to his face?" How exactly? Lol.
  11. DudeNY12

    DudeNY12 Well-Known Member

    Ha ha! So the POTUS is flipping out, yet again, but "you guys can't handle it". Yeah, sure that's what it is:). I thought folks were simply call a spade and spade, but apparently it's what you say it is.

    Yes, we're both from NYC, but two VERY different worlds. Me from poor inner city Bronx where you'd regulary had to back up your words. Him from a very well-to-do area in Queens. Not knocking that he was born into wealth, but to even suggest that he's tough... Lol! Having the loudest mouth in the room doesn't at all equate to toughness.

    Comey: Maybe he would.. maybe not. I can't speak for him.

    Also... My statement about telling people to their face... It's not at all about Comey. It's Trump and anyone. He'll shake hands with someone for his photo op, then later start shittalking about the same person.
  12. Bliss

    Bliss Well-Known Member

    Yes, Liberals in the FBI. They even told you in their secret texts and meetings to help the DNC and Hillary.

    Comey is no Conservative, sweetheart. He was most recently hired by Obama and he served up Obama's spying-on-others dish real nicely for him, like a good liberal.

    In fact, Comey the puppet said...

    "Obama and other senior Democrats DON'T blame me for losing the election by reopening Hillary email probe" - ex-FBI director Comey

    "...Boy, were those words I needed to hear,' he writes in an extract obtained by the NYP. 'I felt a wave of emotion, almost to the verge of tears.'

    (Im sure AB, you might be shedding an emotional tear for Comey yourself reading
  13. Bliss

    Bliss Well-Known Member

    Name a person he shakes hands with...who shakes his hand too.. that he then talks shit about them behind their back?
    Name one. Because l can name you many who shake his hand and start talking shit about him and he then responds back.
    So take your time...l'd be interested.
  14. andreboba

    andreboba Well-Known Member

    You probably don't remember, but Obama entered office trying to govern in a bipartisan manner. He nominated former Republican governor John Huntsman to be his ambassador to China. BHO nominated lifelong conservative James Comey, to head the FBI after working in the Bush and Clinton administration's DOJ.

    Until 2016, Comey had been a registered Republican his ENTIRE adult life. The dude is a conservative. The spying on others comment, not sure what you mean.
    All top Russian officials living in the United States are under constant surveillance by the FBI, which is how the same FBI found out so many Trump campaign operatives were in contact with Russians and holding secret meetings with them.

    Comey's investigation into HRC's email server TWICE before the 2016 presidential election was supposed to benefit whom exactly?
    Sure as hell not Hillary Clinton.
    Progressives don't trust Comey. Many hate him because they believe he threw the election in favor of Trump.

    As for your believing the FBI is a liberal institution, simply not true.
    Most of the military, law enforcement and national intelligence are populated by a majority of people who identify as conservative.

    That's just a fact and always has been. Just because you're a conservative who thought during the 2016 presidential primary and general election that Donald Trump was unfit and incompetent to be POTUS, doesn't mean you aren't conservative

    In fact, Trump had identified for much of his life as a DEMOCRAT.
  15. andreboba

    andreboba Well-Known Member

    I don't think Trump has fired anyone in his WH or cabinet 'to their face'.
    Tough guy Trump sent Comey a termination letter.saying he was following the advice of Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein. Actually, despite all the noise Trump hates direct confrontation when it comes to firing people.
    If Trump is your definition of a tough guy, not sure you know what being tough is.

    Trump is what men call a world class trash talker. They chat a big game, but never can back it up.
  16. Bliss

    Bliss Well-Known Member

    I know Trump was liberal and l know who Comey worked for. Don't care. The FBI has always had too much subjective power. Just like Trump is a conservative in name only, so is Comey

    Of course I remember when Obama first came into office. That's why I was so enthralled by him espousing himself as a uniter and someone that would be transparent in Government as he promised.
    Instead he sicced the IRS on the Tea Party, spied on reporters that spoke out against him, built the largest NSA spy building in history in Utah, primarily to spy on Americans, damn near classified every document that any conservative reporter requested, and I dare say a few independent liberals, he continued the FISA Act in violation of the 4th Amendment, he turned out to be one of the most secretive presidents in recent history and you know it.

  17. DudeNY12

    DudeNY12 Well-Known Member

    The president of Mexico when he flew there for a meeting, and... The pastor (Faith Green Timmons) from Flint, MI. She extended an invite to him to visit their church, and when she gave him the mic... He immediately started in talking about HRC. The pastor quickly interrupted him to say that she didn't invite him there to make a political speech... He stopped, but then later he in his typical fashion was talking crap about how the pastor was "nervous", "and shaking".

    You asked for one, but there's two for you.
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  18. andreboba

    andreboba Well-Known Member

    No member of the Tea Party was harassed or prosecuted because of case brought by the IRS.
    The NSA's data center in Utah is a storage and data processing facility. It's doesn't 'spy' on Americans. All intelligence data is stored there.
    The FISA Act began in 1978. Conservatives didn't have a problem with it during the Cold War during the 1980s. Only when BHO became president.

    If Comey was really a liberal, he wouldn't have opened a second email investigation into Hillary at the very end of the 2016 presidential election.
  19. DudeNY12

    DudeNY12 Well-Known Member

    I think you're right. In Bliss' response to me she stated that Comey was fired to his face. IIRC, Comey was fired while he was in California, and the POTUS (I believe) was back in Wash DC.
  20. Since1980

    Since1980 Well-Known Member

    Good Lord, I have blocked and I can STILL see the caping lmao.

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