People Are Boycotting 'Black Panther' Because Michael B. Jordan is "Dating Outside His Race"

Discussion in 'In the Media' started by RicardoCooper, Jan 6, 2018.

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    I just heard about this driving home. Based on the story, and assuming there is no history of this man sexually harassing/assaulting women, I find this to be rather outrageous. He's 95, all the things they are describing is unfortunately a very typical part of cognitive issues that are common at advanced ages. I'm not saying it's a normal part of aging. It's not. But I would question if he's been evaluated. The conversation about losing "all filters" and some of the other comments that were made are indicative of various forms of dementia. Anyone ANYONE who has worked in these areas with even the most minimal training (and certainly a "NURSE" - which I would question...sounds like hired companions with little to no training) in gerontology know that these things happen with men and women.

    Go into any assisted living facility, acute care, etc. They are in the wrong line of work if they don't understand these things and know how to deal with them.

    Now are we going to start suing elderly patients? How about mentally ill? This is really getting crazy!
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    which is also elder abuse.
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    Something I noticed with this story is that how a lot of people were defending him and pointing out he denied it and called it a shakedown and contacted his lawyers and how a lot of these activist especially the famous and well known ones haven't commented on it. They have also did the same thing with Nelly's case and died down on Paul Haggis and Tavis Smiley. All of which is doing the same thing in terms of defending themselves vigorously against claims. Which goes to show even they know damn well deep down inside not to immediately judge and believe these accusations without proof. Proof still matters and you will be innocent until proven guilty when you defend yourself the way these men have. Just like some of them have shown their hypocrisy with Lena Dunham's writer being accused and they chose to believe him over Aurora and the silence over one of their favorite actors James Franco who is also being accused recently. And to that I say good because it needs to be that way, these accusations have shown to be dire to people'c careers and life with obviously some of them deserving of it. They know they are taking down these men and now they have to make sure they don't take down the wrong one with false accusations or powerful white men will take advantage of that to checkmate them. Tavis Smiley is looking like the wrong one right now, which is why they are COMPLETELY silent on him.
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    Stan Lee, accused? He lost his wife recently. This sounds fishy. I have not even heard things like this.

    I remember when I was 24, I had read an article about how visiting a nursing home or senior center can be beneficial to the visitor and the resident. I had just moved to the town of Lake City, Florida, I read an article about a man who was a musician, a saxophonist. I wanted to talk to this man. I rode my bike to the home and we met and talked. He told me a few stories about his life and career. For one day. I returned to see him again about a few weeks after our first meeting. The male receptionist went to find him. He returned a moment later and stated that he was in a rather sour mood and didn't want to talk to anyone. I understood that he was an old man living alone in a place that was not his real home. And attitudes can change. I talked with the receptionist and was surprised of the information about him. He, too, was a musician. He was a drummer. He told me of an audition that he went to when he was younger. He was auditioning to play drums for John Fred and His Playboy Band. This band was known famously for the song Judy In Disguise (With Glasses). He didn't get the job. We talked about music for close to an hour and I had to leave. I never returned to the senior center again. But both times I have benefited from both visits. Just like the article said.
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    Tavis Smiley's only crime was dating women who worked for him, instead of dating women whom he couldn't fire.
    Technically what Smiley did could be construed as sexual harassment by the women he dated, for fear of what would happen if they told him 'no'.

    However it's not on the level of these other men being accused of rape, or fondling women, or exposing themselves, or flat out asking them to have sex with them.

    Legally, Tavis Smiley is in no jeopardy. The women chose to enter into relationships with him, and if they felt they were being coerced, they had a responsibility to contact human resources and file a complaint.
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    I said it before and I'll say it again based on the trailer alone I'm buying tickets and I'm seeing it more than once.
  10. RicardoCooper

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    Except Tommy isn't "crazy."
  11. Reverie

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    What the fuck.
  12. K

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    I just have to say - I'm not really one for all the superhero or comic book movie stuff.....but I'm pretty excited about this one!
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    That fag is beyond crazy...he's psychopathic.
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    Yeah Black Panther is the first black superhero and one of the few that's actually legit with an interesting background. Perhaps the first fictional black western world character that was born out of true creativity rather than derogatory intent.

    Look forward to a story of a king, one of the 8 smartest people in the world and leader of the most technologically advanced nation on earth. The nation is home to an indestructible metal called vibranium that everyone wants. It could be used for weapons of mass destruction as well as many other things.

    The Black Panther's suit is made of this precious metal and its very advanced in design. He is an advanced martial artist, technical guru and spiritual leader that has a PhD in physics from the university of Oxford. One natural born bad ass motherfucker.
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  15. Tammy Sambo Sotomoisture is truly insane. :D:D:D:D YouTube's official sambo journalist!!!
  16. You echo me effortlessly, thank you!!!
  17. flaminghetero

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    I hope whoever kills him gets away with it.

    Believe it or not....Some MORON talked Uncle Tommy out of killing himself.
    You best believe Jews wouldn't stop a Nazi lover from offing himself.
  18. GFunk

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    BP bout to kill it. We Out Here!
  19. RicardoCooper

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    Pfft he doesn't say anything about black women that you haven't been saying right on this here board damn near 15 years in fact you got him beat, he only made the scene in 2013 or so :D
  20. darkcurry

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    Unless I missed or forgot about the explanation if there was one. If vibranium and adamantium is indestructible, how are they able to mold it into different shapes and designs like with Black Panther's suit?

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