Movies with BM/WW Couples

Discussion in 'In the Media' started by Kid Rasta, Jan 13, 2006.

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    There is also a British series that is goes by roughly the same name with a similar premise one of the stars is the guy that played Dean in the Harry Potter series.
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    So let me review Babes...

    so after going to the hospital with her pregnant friend, she leaves to but sushi. The hospital wont let her back in because shes not family. She takes the train back home with the sushi where she meets dude who has a similar route home (Astoria) they hook up over Street fighter, sushi, and they go to the same std prevention clinic or whatever.

    they spend the night and morning having unprotected sex because she believes you can get preg on ya period....

    later she complains about dude ghosting her so she goes to the clinic to learn his identity. They tell her dude died choking on an almond.

    They rest of the movie is her having the baby by herself and her relationship with her best friend. Dude parents were already dead so they are not a factor. Her friend did check her for saying she was having a black kid to having a half black kid. Friend appears to be half black half white married to an Indian.

    I enjoyed it enough, I like Ilana Glazer
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    There is a trailer for season two of "The Serpent Queen" that I just saw last night. The new season on Starz begins Friday and they have retconned in some way to include Queen Catherine de Medici's Black brother into the show now. Ashley Thomas who played the father and husband of the Afro-American family from season one of "Them" on Prime Video will play the Duke of Penne and Florence ~ Alessandro de Medici. He is in every episode and will play the object of desire which is true to historical form. He has wealth, political connections via the Holy See and he has military command of two Italian City-States.

    I don't have time right now to post the links or pictures as I have to go back to work right after lunch. I am interested in how they pull this off . . . because he has been virtually ignored and omitted by historical television dramas repeatedly on other series like "Reign" of CW and even season one of "The Serpent Queen". Alessandro de Medici was her bastard brother but he was the ONLY sibling she ever had and they knew each other as children particularly when their family was in danger of being wiped out by Italian mercenaries and had to be rescued by his "father" the Holy See and the Vatican Guard.
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