Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick

Discussion in 'Celebrity IR Couples' started by darkcurry, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. RaiderLL

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    My boys, right here :D :smt005
  2. orejon4

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    TDK and Samson1701 telling those uncomfortable truths. :D
  3. The Dark King

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    Just hate that low self esteem nonsense when it comes to certain men with certain women. As if her beauty is some how better than decades of hard work acclaim and money. Ridiculous
  4. orejon4

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    A man's earned status is just as much 'his' as a woman's genetic perfection is 'hers'. They can both disappear in an instant. That being said, I think there's something instinctive about people perceiving physical attributes as inherent to a person in a way they may not view earned or acquired attributes. Despite his earned money, his physical prowess as an athlete is every bit as inherent as female beauty is. Human condition, maybe? I dunno.
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    2/7/18 in New York.
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    How did I miss this comment?!
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  8. SilverSmith

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  9. LA

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    She's beautiful.
  10. Reverie

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    Gorgeous both.

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