Jalen Ramsey & Jelena Hadid

Discussion in 'Celebrity IR Couples' started by Young Herschel, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Young Herschel

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    Now that she's single . . . do you think they could mingle . . . see if there's a spark . . . see if there's a tingle? I've been just waiting for this tall, juicy blonde to hit the market again . . . just to see if her sister Bella and best friend Kendall have influenced her taste buds at all regarding the dark meat. I will post all the pictures of Jelena aka "Gigi" flirting at every opportunity with her sister 's black lovers and those of Kendall as well during the last two years whilst she was living with and loving on Zayn Malik, her publicly confirmed ex-boyfriend.

    Jalen & Jelena Ramsey has such a majestic ring to it and their marital children would be tall, athletic, objectively attractive princes and princesses (getting way head of myself here lol). I just knew Gigi was much more into Zayn than he was into her so their break-up was only a matter of time to me. She's an heiress with her own career and modeling endorsements plus a body that is just waiting for her metabolism to mature in her mid -twenties and good heavens this 5'11 goddess will be a sight to behold . . . only question is will she permit a black lover to hold her hand :)
  2. ColiBreh1

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    [​IMG] WTF?! Let me get this straight, you made a dedicated thread for:

    1. Your fan-fiction Celebrity IR couple, NOT a real couple.
    2. Instead of using the younger Hadid sister's Nickname that the public is familiar with & that she goes by, you used her real first name that nobody is familiar with unless they looked it up. So Nobody knew who were talking about until they entered this thread.
    3. No pics!!
    4. Everybody suspects that Jalen Ramsey is on the downlow.
  3. andreboba

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    Where did you read rumors that Jalen Ramsey was DL??
    I haven't heard that all, which doesn't mean anything, but it still sounds like crazy gossip to me.
  4. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

    I think 1 of the reasons folks suspect Jalen Ramsey is gay because of his mannerisms. Jalen Ramsey being gay is 1 of those things that black twitter jokes about every NFL Sunday.
  5. Young Herschel

    Young Herschel Active Member

    As a hardcore Jax Jags fan, I never heard anything persuasive about Jalen being on the low . . . give me something compelling and I will consider it. That he is a baby-faced bachelor who has the discipline to avoid becoming Antonio Cromartie shouldn't be a ? on his heterosexuality

    Here he is with FSU Alumna Breanna McKnight: [​IMG]

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  6. Young Herschel

    Young Herschel Active Member

    I said I will post pics . . . time is tight during workweek

    70's inspired Jelena: [​IMG]


    Jelena's considers her future family in the 2020's: [​IMG]



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  7. Young Herschel

    Young Herschel Active Member

    Photos of Jelena in the comfortable warm embrace of various Black lovers of her sister & friends will be forthcoming (Abel, Anthony, Rakim, Corey, etc, etc).
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  9. Frederick

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    This is the worst thread that I've ever seen in this section of the forum. Considering all of the "little miss so & so stood next to a brother in public, so she must be down" shit that's been posted here over the years, that's saying something.

    If this broad hooks up with a brother, start a thread.

    If you want to post garbage like this, go to Reddit and start your own IR fantasy sub.
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  10. RicardoCooper

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    Not for nothing but Jelena can come sit on my face anytime
  11. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

    Why is the OP still calling her Jelena instead of Gigi?
  12. Young Herschel

    Young Herschel Active Member

    I like her Muslim name that Mohammed Hadid gave her at birth . . . majestic to me. Jalen & Jelena just makes one imagine their potential as the "It" couple of the next decade. Jalen is a young, successful multi-millionaire on the rise as is Jelena . . . no kids . . . no cases . . . sky's the limit for both!! I say he's a better prospect's than her BBF's boytoy Blake Griffin (this circle of friends has an established taste for pro athletes so an NFL All-Pro like Jalen fits the profile they prefer).

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