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    His name is Ralph Smart born in London UK, A new age guru on YouTube he wrote a book and now he is giving speeches in seminars along with other gurus. Many years ago he was against IR but now he is married to white or may be Latina so he deleted all his old videos, That is hypocrisy in my book. I too have my YouTube channel where I upload videos but I hate people who say one thing but do the opposite. Classic case of do as I say, not as I do.
    hope Ambrosya comes back to this forum. :smt024I
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    dude is corny as hell.
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    At any moment you can become enlightened, right?
    Him deleting his old anti-IR videos is a good thing, I would think.
    Why would we (anyone) want those available if the creator himself no longer wants his anti massage available. I would assume he now speaks up for IR, and what it took was the love of a good woman for him to see how the color barrier is such bullshit.
    As long as he acknowledges he's seen the light, I don't mind his turnabout.
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    People can change. What has he put up since?
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    Right, but this is not about becoming enlightened Bliss. Some idiot negro men like to remain king of the hill lol, call them Uncle Ruckus if you will they are comfortable when they are surrounded by whites. ie I believe Justice Thomas does not want another black person to join the supreme court now that a seat is vacant, If I was Obama I would nominate sister ANITA HILL for the job. :smt043:smt043:smt043:smt043
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    It has nothing to do with being enlightened; the man is always chilling with Teal Swan, a white female that some consider a spiritual influencer who has millions of online followers. The two of them had really made good fortune on the internet. Ralph was broke when he was living in London, England, where he was born. Only when he came to California was he able to amass $5 million. But who is this BM with the British accent? Nobody knows if he's of Caribbean or African origin; some people say he changed his old name to Ralph Smart to sound British.

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    The guru is skating in LA !!!!!!!

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    I have been searching for a while where his family come from online, finally I found out.
    popular trending video trivia random
    Ralph Smart
    YouTube Star

    Birthday March 3, 1986

    Birth Sign Pisces

    Birthplace London, England

    Age 38 years old

    #44648 Most Popular

    Psychologist and creator of the YouTube channel Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) who has also served as a life coach, counselor, criminologist and more. His YouTube channel has earned more than 2 million subscribers.

    Before Fame
    He earned a Bachelor of Arts combined honours degree in psychology and criminology.

    He authored a sci-fi novel called Tryathon: the love of a galaxy. He also wrote a self-help book called Feel Alive and a quote book called The Book of Infinite Quotes.

    Family Life
    He was born in London, England. His parents are from Sierra Leone.

    Associated With
    He and Aiman Azlan both publish self-help content on YouTube.

    Ralph Smart Highlights

    Most Popular #44648 First Name Ralph #10
    March 3 YouTube Star #25 Last Name Smart #8

    Ralph Smart Is A Member Of


    Educational Creators


    38 Year Olds


    YouTube Stars

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    More Pisces


    Olivia Rodrigo


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