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  1. Soulthinker

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    He wil be sorely missed.
  2. Soulthinker

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    Reese and Hyman will be sorely missed. Hyman performed in Scandinavia as well as in America.
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    May he Rest In Peace.
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    Jinkies! Zoinks! I have always enjoyed watching Scooby Doo back in the days. I didn't realize the show's significance until later from 1968 on. Daphne's character was brainy and she was accident prone every time she loses her glasses. When I got my first pair of eyeglasses, I began to appreciate Daphne's problem. May Heather North Rest In Peace.

    May Combat Jack Rest In Peace.
  6. darkcurry

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    RIP Dolores O'Riordan

    And the violence, caused such silence Who are we mistaken?
    But you see, it's not me It's not my family I
    your head, in your head,
    they are fighting With their tanks, and their bombs And their bombs, and their guns
    In your head, in your head they are crying

    In your head, in your head, Zombie, Zombie

  7. redlolly

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    So sad... I love Dolores & The Cranberries. I have all of their records.
    46 is no age. They haven't even said how she died either, only that it was sudden.
    A beautiful and talented lady with an amazing, unique voice.

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  8. Soulthinker

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    She would be missed. I remember in a commercial and her "call" in one of her songs.
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    Yeah, I remember an interview she gave speaking about falling in love with him. They did a movie together where she was his love interest. I'll find it and post it when I can.
  15. Reverie

    Reverie Well-Known Member

    Margot was gorgeous back in the day.
  16. darkcurry

    darkcurry Well-Known Member

    Here is part of the interview she gave to avclub.com where she talks about Richard Pryor:

    Superman III (1983)—“Lois Lane”

    MK: Well, I wasn’t in that one, of course, except for 12 lines, because I said the producers were beneath contempt as human beings to Time Outmagazine. So they cut me.

    AVC: Which has to be incredibly frustrating.

    MK: Ehh. You know, it wasn’t a very good movie. I was having my fourth go at romance with Richard Pryor on that one. So that was okay. I got to hang out with Rich in London and drink a lot of Cristal champagne.

    AVC: The year before, you had been in Some Kind Of Hero with Pryor.

    MK: I fell in love with him in two seconds flat.

    AVC: What about him appealed—

    MK: About Richard? Oh, I defy any woman in those days—in fact, I just watched him last night. Oh, what the hell’s it on? You know Henry Heinsberg, Hesiman, the guy who writes for The New Yorker? Heisberg? [Hendrik Hertzberg. —ed.] There’s a thing on the New Yorker blog where you can click on Richard in 1977 in a sketch about the first black president. It’s wonderful. I just watched him this morning, dear Richie. He was smart and funny and sexy, and you wanted to take care of him. He was wonderful. Oh gosh. [Whispers.] This is why we’re calling the book I Slept With Everyone On Television. He was just—Richard was irresistible.

    AVC: He had a vulnerability—

    MK: Yeah, to say the least. I remember when we were doing the love scene in Some Kind Of Hero, we got in bed nervously. Then he looked up, and it was very genuine, and he went, “[Gasps.] Richard Pryor’s in bed with Lois Lane!” And it was so cute! [Laughs.] He was really adorable. He was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful man. Much underrated as a human being. I mean, he was really generous and kind and thoughtful, and I think the best actor I’d worked with, in the sense of when you were in a scene with him, it was like doing a dance. He didn’t miss an eyelash-flicker. He was so in the present. And I remember saying to him, “God, you’re really a good actor. Why does everybody insist you be funny all the time?” And he said, “Yeah, I know my craft.” I mean, he was really a good actor, but everybody wanted him to be funny, and that didn’t work. Halfway through, the powers that be at Paramount decided he had to make [Some Kind Of Hero] funnier. And he was heartbroken about it.


    I'm surprised the relationship didn't last longer.
  17. sexyblondeangel

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    I wear glasses too. I'm pretty much blind without my glasses. I always wear my glasses. So I've never lost them. I had a couple break. It sucked. Not only because I couldn't see but because I love and am proud of wearing glasses and can't stand to be without them. Men always tell me how sexy my glasses look. I love the way they feel and look on me too. Which is why I'd never get contacts or Lasik. Not to mention my glasses are bright pink just like everything else I wear. So they make me even pinker and prettier.
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  18. Soulthinker

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    No doubt you look hot in those specs.
  19. redlolly

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    I hate my glasses :(
    I got bullied in school because of them and never quite got past it.
    Some people are blessed and look good in specs, some like me just don't.
    I am the living exception to the old adage about "boys making passes at girls who wear glasses" :)

    I thought it was Velma in Scooby Doo who had them not Daphne?
    Daphne was the tall leggy one with the perfect figure (bitch lol)

    P.S. I am totally going to start using "jinkies" in conversation from now on :)
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