BM/WW IR sightings on TV

Discussion in 'In the Media' started by blackbull1970, Feb 28, 2009.

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    She probably figured that a lead role on an unproven show is worth sacrificing a recurring role on an established show.
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    You got a link to the Showrunner hinting at that? I just watched this week's episode of "God Friended Me" (Season 1, Episode 16). Miles & Cara decided to just remain friends at the end of the episode. But the last scene was them having a big kiss because of celebrating the opening night of the new restaurant. So their relationship status is a cliffhanger.
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    CBS will broadcast the season finale of Fam on April 11th. There's no word yet as to whether Season 2 is a go.
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    No, they're doing the same BS pattern which is why I'm going to stop watching "God Friended Me". I've listed below just a few of the patterns in TV when involving BM with WW. Number 5 is about to be deployed on "Legacies" with MG, I GUARANTEE IT !!

    If anyone can think of more please add to the list.

    1. They're just friends...

    2. When a relationship starts to form, kill one of them off...

    3. When they're about to kiss, an explosion, gun shot, knock on the door ect. always interupts them...

    4. She reveals she's a Lesbian...

    5. Bring an obscure black chick on the show in the middle of a season to put with the black guy so he won't get with a white girl...

    5. They're together in this weeks episode but next weeks episode they've broken up off screen for no apparent reason or explanation...

    6. The love triangle...
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    You gotta give it at least another season, couples rarely get together in season 1. Only major exception I can think of to this rule is "Chuck"
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    Are you sure Chuck & Sara got together in the 1st season of "Chuck"? I honestly don't remember. If they did, I'm gonna assume Chuck & Sara were on & off because they definitely weren't together when I first started watching "Chuck" in the middle of season 3.
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    @qaz1 I see you're signed in. What have you thought about the 2 most recent episodes of "God Friended Me"?
  9. Yeah but even CHUCK was viewed as a rarity between white people lol even THEY were shocked they had them get together in S1. I absolutely agree that there might be a little bit of a racial thing going on here but overall I think it’s just “tv cliche bullshit”.
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    Man they really had me trippin for a while on that last episode lol!
    When they decided to be just friends, I was seriously about dinner with that show lol. But then I saw the fake out coming once the restaurant had a "kids the one you came with" tradition.

    I actually didn't see it as a relationship cliffhanger though. I'm assuming there just officially dating. Hopefully they're done young with us.
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    I might be remembering wrong, but I don't think they were actually together that early. When the series started, Sara had to pretend to be into him and "date" him as a cover for her spy work. I don't remember them getting together "for real" for several seasons.
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    Yeah they definitely were on and off for about 3 seasons until they got married.

    Yes but in Season 1 they had this big kiss episode and you found out she was actually falling for him. They started actually dating for a few episodes then broke up but then got together in season 2 and on and offed until season 3 where they got married.
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    I'm almost certain that Miles and Cara will drift in and out of a "relationship." Throwing them together at the end of the first season doesn't seem all that radical to me.

    Here's the interview snippet with the showrunner:
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    These things are becoming more and more out dated and we are getting more IR relationships though, but it is always good to stay aware. Good recognition.

    Although with Legacies the main male cast is predominantly black so even if MG does get with the Gorgon who was there for nefarious reasons I might add you still have three other black guys on the show. Besides MG and Lizzie could still come to be real because she is changing her attitude about things. Meaning.... LOVE TRIANGLE! lol.
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    Netflix reportedly cancelled The Innocents.

    If true this is a strange cancellation that they themselves haven't even confirmed, but sources from TVLine has and it took them this long to do it if true. Netflix has been doing a lot of cancelling something is going on or they need to fire somebody with all these shows they're cancelling. They're going to need some shows after cancelling all of their Marvel Shows and Stranger Things leaving after season 4.

    But after six months and nothing I kind of seen this coming and it still doesn't make sense when you look at the numbers.

    • Trended in the top 10 even reaching number 1 a couple times for two weeks after it's release.
    • 86% rating on rottentomatoes
    • 4 out of 5 stars on
    • 7.9/10 - ‎23,280 votes on IMDB
    • 9.55 on

    And it's back in the top 20 trends trending at 18 after that report by TVLine.

    They also cancelled another popular show called One Day At A Time. So yeah somebody at Netflix is trippin'. lol.

    I finally get why people are worried when a good show comes on Netflix. lol.
  16. ColiBreh1

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    Watching this week's episode of "Legacies" (Season 1, Episode 14) right now. LOL, anybody that holding out hope for MG & Lizzie to happen can forget about it.
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  17. qaz1

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    Is Lizzie gonna end up with a brotha at all? If not I think I'm gonna skip this show. Seen a few episodes, but life's too short
  18. qaz1

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    I'm actually really enjoying this show. It's kind of a throwback to that Two and a Half Men type sitcom comedy. Turn off your brain and just enjoy the mild amusement lol
  19. darkcurry

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    Not holding out, but I think there is panic since there was a black girl there. Ya'll keep forgetting they love love triangles I mean did you see what just happened with Hope and Landon and her ex-boyfriend Roman? BUUUUT...
    Mia is only listed as to being in one episode >>> So the Medusa chick isn't even in the main cast let alone a re-occuring character.

    I understand to be aware, but being paranoid when the show isn't even over AND it's coming back for a second season... chill. He is not even with her Remember she was there for nefarious reasons as was his Mother. But even if they don't it's unlikely he'll be with Mia either because she was playing him. lol. And he been stopped going after Lizzie if you've watched past episodes. We really don't know if they'll revisit it ESPECIALLY with Lizzie changing... which was one of the problems why he and Lizzie didn't materialize. Her self-centered attitude.

    And Josie and Raphael aren't looking good and he knows he needs to chill out with Hope so Lizzie and He could rekindle something OR with Penelope gone you'll see another.... Twin Love Triangle. So yes Lizzie could still end up with a brotha. lol.

    Enjoy the show it's good and has some pretty cool black male characters on it.
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    Lol I was half joking, but I take your point. I've only seen two or three episodes because life's just that busy. I generally do like to support shows with positive, non-stereotypical images of blacks (even got me to watch New Girl lol). So maybe I'll give it a streaming binge this summer.

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