Black Men, how do you deal with Racism?

Discussion in 'Conversations Between White Women and Black Men' started by CAkicker, Nov 20, 2023.

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    Black Men, I need your feedback on this topic. I've been reading newspaper articles lately about Black people, & the success they had. When I read the comments, the people who post on there, always got something negative to say. For example, I was reading an article on where to stay at a Black Owned Business if your traveling, & one person wrote "At least I know where not to get robbed". Comments like that pisses me off. For me if a person said I can't do it, I like to prove them wrong, mostly when they say Blacks don't value Education, & I'm working on getting back into college. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. So my question is how do you deal with Racism? I know punching them in the face won't help, so I'm looking for alternatives.
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    I would say blackness isn’t a monolithic. All black people are different and theirs many different types of views perspectives world views beliefs etc however there are features that are commonly shared that creates the culture based on the shared history, shared traditions, language, and mannerism that was passed down. Blackness is the culture. How black someone is, is how closely socialized are they to black culture and I think personally this should never be ignored and especially important for black people to recognize. There's blackness the culture, and blackness the people. One can be black and not be socialized into black culture. Im going to also say this: BLACK AMERICANS ARE THE REASON BLACKNESS HAS BECOME SUPER POPULAR! Why? Black american culture has dominated media and thus these ideas has been transmitted.
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    Words only hurt if you allow it.

    I'm in a lot of Facebook groups where white dudes constantly post racist ass shit.

    Sometimes if I'm bored, I'll troll back. Other than that, I ignore it. 95% of these cowards don't have the gall to say it to my face.

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