Black British men in Politics

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    I think we may be in the same district lol
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    I read in Wikipedia on the first Black MPs and was amazed that from the 1830s to the 1890s there were 3. It took the 1970s for the Black MPs returned. A 80 year gap! In the US it's 1901 to 1929.
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    The thing about that 80 year gap is that in the UK ...its not a big deal, the 3 that existed in the 1800s were orchestrated anomalies for the British empire. While the new era encompassed a generation that grew up with migrant parents from the commonwealth.
    The racial representation is just not the same as in America where everything is racial in politics.

    Edit: Furthermore in the UK, you represent your constituents and not racial causes,there's no significant "black vote" in the UK, we only make up 3% of the country, then you'll account for those eligible to vote and realise it's not profound enough for a voting block.
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    Tory MP James Cleverly and Susannah Cleverly (IG)

    Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 12.31.05.png


    Close friends with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


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    1. John James is the newly-elected 2022 GOP Congressman of MI-10 after losing the Michigan U.S. Senate races in 2018 & 2020.

    2. We can add another to this list of black male American politicians in IRRs: Newly-elected 2022 TX-38 GOP congressman Wesley Hunt



    Wesley Hunt previously ran for congress in 2020 but lost a very close race to the Dem in the general election. I didn't previously post about him in this thread because I didn't know he was in a IR. During redistricting in 2021, the GOP-controlled Texas legislature carved out a GOP-friendly TX-38 congressional district for Hunt to run in. So he was expected to win when he re-ran for congress in 2022.
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    Since that post a Asian is now PM. Still uphill for a homeboy in the UK. I read there were two Black MPs in the 19th Century and took more than 100 years for the next Black MP.
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    But back then, it was unusual to have 2 black MPs when the black population was barely 0.1% and didn't increase until the 1950s

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