Are you happy with your job?

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  1. beccaomecca

    beccaomecca Well-Known Member

    I guess it’s the natural order huh, have to keep progressing and moving up the ladder not slide down it.

    Now let’s toast to being future entrepreneurial millionaires LOL
  2. beccaomecca

    beccaomecca Well-Known Member

    Wow go you! I say that’s the only think good that came out of the whole COVID situation, employers realising they can shift some of their electricity bills onto their staff lol. Working remotely full time would be a dream!!

    The University where I work still isn’t the same, we never regained all of the international students we once had and there’s been numerous staff cuts etc within the uni. It was astounding to me just how fast IT was able to transition from a face to face classroom setting to almost instantly having everything remote, which is still the case right now.
  3. Tony Soprano

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    I will absolutely toast to that!!
  4. beccaomecca

    beccaomecca Well-Known Member

    Now let’s get our only fans poppin hahaha kidding!
  5. orejon4

    orejon4 Well-Known Member

    As someone who felt that societal pressure and succumbed to it get married at 30, a father at 32 and become a homeowner by 33, let me encourage you to do what feels right and not bow to others’ view of what your life should be. I lost everything at 38 and had to rebuild and it was a painful process. Things are better now than ever, but you don’t get those years back. If you feel that something isn’t right for you, don’t do it because someone else thinks you should. Follow your core/gut and work for what you truly want. In my experience, fulfillment comes from that more than any established notion of what you should be doing. I wish you all the best as you navigate these challenges.
  6. beccaomecca

    beccaomecca Well-Known Member

    Aw thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it! I don’t know what I want to be honest I’m in the wackiest headspace I’ve ever been in. I feel like it’s a never ending struggle just to survive in this expensive ass country. I’ve given up on the idea of owning a home and having that perfect family life I don’t believe in fairytales no more. I’ve never felt the feeling of just existing until now. The feeling of no life just work but then work that isn’t getting me anywhere financially even though it’s good pay in the grand scheme of things. It’s all just a pipe dream in this country now. We legitimately have four bedroom rentals (basic) going for like $725pw, icrecream is $9, toilet paper $10 lol. And to find a house to purchase that’s half decent is far too expensive now. :(
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  7. orejon4

    orejon4 Well-Known Member

    I had no idea it was that expensive, but I guess I should have known. Nations that are major importers of consumer goods and exporters of primary commodities often get hit by worsening terms of trade if they don’t produce enough of its domestically consumed products.

    it WILL get better.
  8. beccaomecca

    beccaomecca Well-Known Member

    No doubt about it, we import SO much stuff from overseas, tuna and Australian bloody flags, thongs and ganja are about the only things manufactured on our home grown soil!! I thought covid and the fact there were so many items unavailable for months (complete empty shelves) on end would have made the big wigs rethink things, but no such luck. We’re a very backwards country Lol.

    Australia has always been pricey honestly pretty on par with the UK, although supposedly we have the highest incomes in the world.

    Brisbane where I live (small city) has always been one of the cheapest cities to live in, in comparison to other major cities and still was up until last year when 40,000 + ppl migrated from interstate and overseas and from where ever else.

    The mass migration of ppl overpopulated Brisbane/QLD as a whole and as a result housing prices soared.

    Mind you this is in a city without decent public transport and infrastructure.

    The interstaters living in the bigger cities and in a much better financial position than the Brisbanites offered a year + worth of rent, offered higher rent and in turn a lot of dwellers were evicted through pure greed. So we now have a homelessness crisis (families) and rental crisis. Also to purchase a house is now a pipe dream because of how much the prices have increased.

    Any suburb located next to a body of water in Brisbane sky rocketed in price.

    And this all happened as a result of other states being so strict with the amount of lockdowns they faced, QLD was the only state that didn’t constantly go into lockdown as soon as one person coughed or sneezed lol.

    It’s a crickey crock of shyte lol!!! But it’s still a beautiful country even if I can only eat bread and rice and drink out of the lake for the rest of my life to survive lol

    This is the extent of the craziness-

    I appreciate your optimism and I too am always the optimist, but I don’t predict it getting better anytime soon, not in Brisbane anyway, I cringe at the thought of how much pricing will inflate before we host the Olympic Games in 2032. Lol
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  9. fly girl

    fly girl Well-Known Member

    I missed an interview with Hawaiian airlines because the email went to my junk folder. In the mean time I’m waiting on my background clearance to start in Tampa.
  10. fly girl

    fly girl Well-Known Member

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  11. orejon4

    orejon4 Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised the fumes aren't more overpowering. Do all the staff go into the tanks like this?

    You're coming to the Sunshine State? NICE!
  12. fly girl

    fly girl Well-Known Member

    Fuel tanks are specialized. Where I worked we had an outside company do them.
  13. beccaomecca

    beccaomecca Well-Known Member
  14. Bookworm616

    Bookworm616 Well-Known Member

    Love the voice message!

    I actually did get a new job. I started November 7th, so it's been almost 6 months in and I don't like it. LOL. I've decided it's the industry. I don't like the job, I don't care for the industry. The company is kind of weird. The training has been subpar. I don't feel comfortable working on my own most of the time, even though I am working on my own now. But, there's not a lot of work, so I spend a crap ton of time staring at my computer screen. It's a big family-owned company with a stellar reputation with their products, but I think there's just too many people and I've gotten lost.

    No one has really initiated any kind of conversation with me, like where I came from, what I like to do, etc. No one even told me that I was hourly and needed to fill out my timecard. And apparently my boss doesn't need to approve my timecard, because one week I forgot to fill out my timecard and no one noticed. It wasn't until I was filling out my timecard for the next week that I thought, wait a minute, I don't remember doing this last week. I get paid weekly, so I waited until Friday and sure enough, no paycheck for the previous week. I got it rectified and they paid me twice the next week, but WTF??? How did NO ONE catch it?

    After spending 18 years sitting in the next cubicle from my boss, I was super excited to learn my boss sits on the shop floor and I sit in the office. Well, be careful what you wish for. I haven't seen my boss since the beginning of January. He was also supposed to give me a welcome lunch, which he scheduled the first week there, then had to reschedule it twice. The last time I saw him, he said he still owed me for that lunch. It was never rescheduled.

    I feel like I could not show up to work and no one would even realize it for a day or two. It's just a weird place. So, I realized the grass isn't always greener.
  15. beccaomecca

    beccaomecca Well-Known Member

    Oh darling, what the actual fk!! I read the first like saying you got a job and felt instantly so happy for you!! But now I’m left feeling sad. Godddd like how hard is it to make effort! And to make a new colleague feel welcome! That’s it, you’re moving to Australia! Move in with me hahah!

    I’m so scared to jump ship for the very reasons you’ve just mentioned. I was so tired of staring at the computer screen trying to find things to do when someone was sharing my role but now that I’m doing it by myself while on the verge of going into cardiac arrest I'm less bored lol

    At least you have really realised how that it’s the industry that isn’t for you hun hopefully now you can really figure out where you’d best fit.

    That’s so wrong of the boss to not make time either it reminds me of when I worked at a solicitor firm it was my first job and the principal and some other young chick ran the place they would just go off to the gym together and have long lunches and just leave me I had to deal with estates and ledgers and all this crazy shit lol pretty sure they just used me to be honest.

    Do you have much over there that’s full time working remotely?
  16. Since1980

    Since1980 Well-Known Member

    I'm happy-ish with my job, but I am starting to become stagnant and I feel like I'm not learning anything new or challenging myself the way that I should. I feel like a change is going to have to come soon.
  17. Bookworm616

    Bookworm616 Well-Known Member

    That's how I felt about my old job. If you become stagnant, you aren't getting anything out of your job and your company isn't getting anything out of you either. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  18. Bookworm616

    Bookworm616 Well-Known Member

    LOL! I hear Australia is expensive to live, so I'll have to move in with you.

    Thanks, though.

    I'm starting to look for a new job. I am going to only look for jobs based on my own interests. I can't take these types of jobs anymore. And I'm too old for this crap. LOL. Fingers crossed!
  19. beccaomecca

    beccaomecca Well-Known Member

    Yeah Sis you really need to move in with me now!! Would you believe my rent has increased $70 per week, that’s $300 a month extra I have to pay (cry) $1800 per month. I’m so stressed and sad.

    Haha that’s it, that’s the way to do it! I’ve put on so much weight since being in an office lol I’m considering a labour intensive or factory job lol

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