White former Oklahoma police officer charged with fatally shooting his daughter’s black boyfriend

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    White former Oklahoma police officer charged with killing daughter's black boyfriend heads to trial for fourth time.




    TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Three hung juries in the case of a white former Oklahoma police officer charged with fatally shooting his daughter’s black boyfriend had one thing in common besides unwillingness to convict: Each had only one African-American juror.

    Race has been an undercurrent in ex-Tulsa officer Shannon Kepler’s first-degree murder case, which is headed for a fourth trial. Criminal law experts and U.S. Supreme Court cases point to the importance of racial identity and policing when it comes to jury selection, which is set to start Monday.

    Kepler, a 24-year veteran of the force, was off duty in August 2014 when he fatally shot 19-year-old Jeremey Lake, who had just started dating Kepler’s daughter. Kepler doesn’t deny pulling the trigger but says he did so only because he thought Lake was armed. No weapon was found on or near Lake’s body.
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    Haven't even heard about this story. Was this already discussed here? Truly heart breaking, we truly are going backwards. Notice how his daughter is basically swept to the side.
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    3 hung juries??? This asshole obviously murdered that poor boy.

    What parent thinks he needs to shoot his child's significant other because he/she thought they had a weapon???

    Ain't shit changed.
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    I posted about this case years ago so those threads should pop in a name search. Jeremey Lake was killed 8/5/2014 on the same day as John Crawford in Beaver Creek, OH while using his cell as he shopped in Wal-Mart and four days before Micheal Brown got killed in Fe4guson, MO. It is one of THE worst killer cop cases of or time . . . and Conservative Talk Radio hates it when I call in and mention it whenever they complain about BLM or the NFL protest. Please look up Ramarley Graham, Kenneth Chamberlain III and the 137 shots case of Officer Micheal Brehlo as well to get a more complete picture of how grave the situation has been this decade
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  5. The Dark King

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    Chamberlain is from my hometown. Met his son. We marched for Treyvon together. Super sad situation.
  6. Young Herschel

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    They sat a jury last night of one hispanic woman and one black woman . . . defense counsel has been accused of trying to strike every potential black juror. Opening statements are this morning - Tulsa World & Fox 23 news
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  7. Soulthinker

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    Glad those talk radio guys are angry. No doubt the host use the excuse to cut you off so he would have the last word.
  8. flaminghetero

    flaminghetero Well-Known Member

    Imagine all the murders and drug plantings he did in those 24 years a redneck Gestapo agent.

    We need a Mosaad like the Jews to avenge cocksuckers like him.
  9. Young Herschel

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  10. Young Herschel

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    Late last night (11:30 pm) the Tulsa County jury returned a verdict of . . . GUILTY on the lesser included offense of 1st degree Manslaughter which carries a sentence of 15 years in state prison for former Tulsa Police Department officer Shannon Kepler. I am curious as to what the extenuating circumstances were that warranted the lesser felony because murder is the unlawful killing of another life in being with malice aforethought at common law while manslaughter is an unlawful killing sans malice because of adequate provocation and/or diminished capacity.
    They should have found him guilty of 1st degree MURDER and thrown his racist ass in prison for life!!!! Shannon Kepler only learned his daughter's new boyfriend was Afro-American because she had a proclivity for fucking Afro-Americans while her parents were away at work for TPD hence his repulsive reaction to throw her out the house and the improper Tulsa County Police Department background check he did on Jeremey Lake which identified his race & residence :(
  11. The Dark King

    The Dark King Well-Known Member

    Because justice is a fairy tale like Santa Clause.
  12. Young Herschel

    Young Herschel Active Member

    The Tulsa County DA was sorry as shit. I would have debunked the defense argument that Jeremey Lake pulled a gun on TPD Officer Shannon Kepler on the night in question which was cited as a major impasse for the previous three juries like this ~ "Ladies & gentleman of the jury . . . what possible motivation could Jeremey have had to pull a gun on the father of his new girlfriend? Remember when you were a teenager in love . . . summer time love at 18 or 19? That first week or two it was likely the honeymoon period . . . all rainbows and unicorns with pegasus wings right? Remember your young love? So why in the world would Jeremey want to threaten his new girlfriend's father? A father of 24 years on Tulsa County Police? Did Jeremey all of a sudden want to commit suicide by cop? No!!! He was 19 and just about to start vocational school for weilding and he was living and loving his new 18 yr old girlfriend during the infancy of their teenage summertime love. It hadn't even been 10 days yet so you know it was all rainbows and unicorns. Shannon Kepler is guilty of 1st degree MURDER ladies and gentleman of the jury . . MURDER"
  13. andreboba

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    It was a minor miracle the jury convicted him of manslaughter. Three hung juries tells me they were willing to let this asshole walk after clearly murdering his daughter's BF.
  14. Young Herschel

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  16. ColiBreh1

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    @Young Herschel Can you explain why this case kept getting retried compared to other cases that were mistrials or had a hung jury where unarmed black males being killed by cops weren't retried?
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  17. Young Herschel

    Young Herschel Active Member

    Well the 1st murder trial last fall ended in a hung jury of 11 to 1 so that was clearly close enough for the State of OK to try again . . . actually it was as close as you could get in a historically-racist jurisdiction like Tulsa County OK. So this February the Tulsa County DA tried again but only got another hung jury of 10 to 2 . . . still close enough for one to believe one could get some justice for that family and the people of OK right? So this July the DA tried again and focused even more on the issues that gave the prior juries an impasse . . . was Tulsa County Police Shannon Kepler threatened by Jeremey Lake pulling a gun on him . . . the one Kepler testified was found at the TPD headquarters in a trash basket? He interviewed multiple 1st responders like EMTs and other TPD officers and all agreed they saw no gun on or around Jeremey Lake' body. However, the third jury deadlocked in three hours in a dead heat of 6 to 6.
    Now mind you this was after the May acquittal of fellow TPD officer Betty Shelby for murder of Terance Crutcher so the NAACP of Oklahoma and Black Lives Matter of Tulsa held a joint press conference in July about this case and encouraged the Tulsa County DA to continue seeking justice for the people of Oklahoma and Jeremey Lake which the Associated Press attended and subsequently tied it to all the other killer cop cases in recent years and how unarmed Afro-American men are mistreated by the police which put them under a national media microscope for the Black Lives Matter protest everywhere - all the little local papers from Pittsburgh to San Francisco relay AP reports. Personally, I don't think the Tulsa County DA office wanted this abysmal failure to define its legitimacy for all time.
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  18. Young Herschel

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    Here is a youtube blogger who caught my eye and my ear with his hardcore, no-holds-barred take on the Jeremey Lake case last fall. I thought he was a coon and perhaps he really is but on this point (skip ahead to 5:30) I think he was DEAD ON and especially with his perspective on how absolutely cowardly and dishonorable the very offense was in how Tulsa County PD Officer Shannon Kepler killed the bi-racial teen who was in the act of making a respectful introductory handshake to his new live-in girlfriend's father!!:

    "Jeremey Lake was raised to be a MAN!!" ~ skip ahead from 9:15 to 10:40 for the HARDCORE truth of this piece
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