UFC Champ Jon Jones & fiancee Jessie Moses

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    Jones and his fiancée Jessie have three daughters: Leah, born July 11, 2008; Carmen Nicole Jones, born December 2009named after his late sister, Carmen); and a third daughter, Olivia Haven, born in 2013.
    ( Pregnant with Leah, below)

    Twitter tweet:
    "Shout out to my girl Jessie Moses for going 3 for 3 with no epidurals #Stud about time to change that last name"

    Jon and Jessie met in high school. They both lived outside of Binghampton, New York...

    They attended Endicott High School and dated ever since. While he attended college, they continued to date, and she got pregnant for the first time. Since that time, they had three girls.

    Jon said he talks with his wife and the kids every single day when he’s not home. Since his job requires a good deal of travel, he does miss out on a lot of family time.

    Jessie understands the demands of the job. This is what she signed up for. Jessie got engaged to Jon in 2013, and they remain engaged to this day...


    • Jessie says she is a full-time mommy.

    She also.. never sleeps with him when he has a fight coming up. He classifies this as a “Spartan” lifestyle when the fight gets close.


    Jones said they have a “phenomenal relationship” in a 2015 Deadspin profile:

    We’re happy, man. We’re happy. We’re functional. We make a great team. She’s a phenomenal mother, caretaker. I’m a phenomenal provider, father. Team Jones.

    Jon Jones proposes to Jessie Moses in March 2013 as their two children look on. (Twitter)

    fter dating for several years, Jones proposed to Moses in 2013, posting photos of their engagement on his Twitter account.


    He told MMA Hot Stuff in 2010 that it’s tough being away from his daughters.

    “With the girls being such a young age, not seeing them for even two weeks I miss out on a lot,” Jones said. “They change so much in that short amount of time. We Skype every day. I make funny videos for them to see daddy.”

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    Jones left Endicott to attend Iowa Central Community College, but the two continued to date, according to Deadspin, and Moses became pregnant with their first child while he was in school. ( He graduated in 2009)

    He began his MMA career in April 2008, months before Moses was expecting to give birth to Leah, partly because they were in need of money, according to Deadspin. He had won four fights by the time his first daughter was born.

    Jones also gives credit to Moses for helping him in his career. He told MMA Hot Stuff in 2010:

    "This sport can turn you into somewhat of a celebrity. Leaving my parents’ home and going into this sport, could really confuse a young fighter. But being with Jessie it keeps things in check for me. It doesn’t get to my head, and I live the life of an older man. It keeps me in the house and grounded. Jessie is definitely a huge percentage of my success."


    Shout out to his 'MIL'

    Jones told Newsday in 2014 that it was Moses’ mother, Sheila Ryan, who helped shape the mindset that has led to much of his UFC success. He said:

    "She was the first person that really taught me how to believe more and be confident and focus on your mind and your thoughts, positivity, goal-setting and things like that. She really taught me things about meditation and visualization and thinking great and thinking big.

    My life was changed. I went from this kid who had all these insecurities to this kid who really thought he was gonna be great some day."
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    Awww <3 ^^^^^^
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    Cute family.
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    Aside from all of the controversy, I like Jon Jones. Seems like a good guy, I hope he can keep himself grounded for the sake of his beautiful family.
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    Engaged since 2013?

    She done popped out all them kids and he still ain't married the woman.

    What he waiting on?

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