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  1. pettyofficerj

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    go ahead...throw me under the bus

    everyone does

  2. Noface

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    You just have to make sure the tracker for the torrent is not being monitored and your IP isn't being pinged or tracked..........
  3. DJ Fukalya

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  4. DJ Fukalya

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    Awww crap. Revolution banned me from downloading. You have to keep your ratio high.

    So I gotta upload some stuff or send em some money through paypal. I'll probably do paypal.

    Sounds weird 'paying' for bootlegs but the speeds on this site is worth it.

    I downloaded a 8GB X-Box 360 game in 15 minutes on that site.
  5. Kaname2000

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    Dude are you downloading these movies? that sounds like taking up unnecessary space to me, I watch them bitches on movies2k, movielab, project free tv, and bunch of others and be done with that shit because just like dvds and vhs are you really gonna watch that shit more than maybe 2 or 3 times, if that? I know I aint, hell half of these movies that come out now are barely good enough to watch the first time and I thought the only people that still use torrents were die hard P2Ps and people tryin to find REALLY hard to find stuff like outdated software, old ass music etc. other wise why not use direct download its way quicker and in most cases not nearly as risky as tryin to download torrents. Hell I ain't paid for a dvd nor went to a theatre for a movie or purchased a retail music cd in almost 7yrs proudly!!!

    The internet is helluva drug!!!!
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  6. RRoyce55

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    damn, dude, those are some good sites! Yeah, I usually just download a movie and watch it at my convenience, then delete it when done. I keep a couple to watch a second or third time as I am a total film buff and want to see what the director's and cinematographers were envisioning when they shot certain scenes. The internet continues to blow me away!
  7. biosnex

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    My favorite torrent is "kickass"...they have downloader reviews so you know the technical ease or complication you will encounter if you download a program (e.g. Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, et al...). If you are into porn, you will have a field day. I love the music which usually comes in flac or mp3 formats....
  8. GFunk

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    I used to torrent porn.....then tube sites came out.
  9. samson1701

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    Or, people could actually pay for the content they use so the individuals that create and promote the music and movies you enjoy watching could make a living.

    Just sayin'
  10. goodlove

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    That's too much like right
  11. biosnex

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    "Or, people could actually pay for the content they use so the individuals that create and promote the music and movies you enjoy watching could make a living."

    True...true...Your point is well taken. But there is a reality factor here that hinges on human nature...especially young people. Why pay for something that you can get free especially when you are broke? Not saying it is ethically right but how much in everyday life hinges on moral correctness and doing the right thing? One of the best examples without going into excruciating details and the menisci of facts -how well does doing the morally correct thing work for Wall Street, national, state and local politicians, the justice system, big business, law enforcement or the church? How many contradictions and outright breech's of moral and ethical correctness could we find in the aforementioned? My point is it's human nature and I make no excuses nor justifications for it. IT IS WHAT IT IS.......
  12. GFunk

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  13. blackbrah

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    "That's fucking illegal"

    -Dana White

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