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Discussion in 'In the Media' started by Bliss, Aug 16, 2016.

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    Tina Ball should just come in and shut that reporter down. Who does she think she is.
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    [​IMG] Liberals really mad because Migos chose to use actual women in the performance instead of Drag Queens.
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    [​IMG] They really trying to blow this story up:

    Katy Perry Unfollows Migos On Instagram

    Katy Perry seems to have lost a friend in the Hip-Hop firestorm that is Migos.

    Why we think this is the case? She unfollowed them on Instagram.

    Hours after they performed their collaborative cut ‘Bon Appetit’ on ‘Saturday Night Live‘, the acts were rocked by critics who slammed Katy for agreeing to pull drag queens out of the performance after learning the group did not want to perform alongside them.

    Shortly after battling a tsunami of insults thrown at her by members of the LGBT community online, the fun-loving Pop star unfollowed the ‘Versace‘-sporting group on Instagram.

    Their respective fan bases then realised that Migos had returned the favour by unfollowing Katy.

    As it stands there is still no proof that the rappers had the drag acts booted from the performance.

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