The Growing OPIATE & OPIOID epidemic...

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Bliss, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Bliss

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    As is all your opinion on the subject. Dueces.
  2. Ra

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    So glad we agree since I've never said my opinions were anything but just that.
  3. GFunk

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    "There's even a whole cult of hip hop beats created called screw music chopped and scewed"

    Then get rid of that quote. Screw music is not a style of beats. They were already created. Chopped and screw is basically an effect like autotune, flanger or phaser. You as a dj should know that. That's like saying T Pain made a new style of autotune beats by doing an autotune cover of an existing song. You're dragging screw music into producer/beat maker territory.

    I brought up Scarface's song because I chose a random example of something the had nothing to do with lean in its creative process. By your logic, the Isley Brothers Between the Sheets is apart of lean culture. You're making the reach of Screws influence greater than it actually is by overlapping it into music that was made without him or lean in mind. If you say there is a cult of beats created called chopped and screwed, which was created by Screw himself, it implies that he made beats.

    You clearly were trying to give us a history lesson complete with telling us about Screw music then posting a link from some uninformed moron.
  4. GFunk

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    How do I know he's a white dude? By looking at his avatar after clicking on his name. Unless he's trans and doesnt identify as a man. How do I know he's a square and uninformed? The article itself. So yeah, cool.

    And he obviously didn't get enough information if he thought in 2017 that screw music was obscure. No problem with being born after something comes out but make sure you've got the main bulletpoints down first. Also, i never called him whitey but aight.

    And a wiki "source"? Stop.
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  5. ColiBreh1

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    [​IMG] The last few pages of this thread reminds me of the time @goodlove8 tried to explain to folks on this forum what a "Captain Save-a-Hoe" is even though he didn't understand what it was & everyone already was familiar with the term.
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  6. Bliss

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  8. flaminghetero

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    These are not kids....they are moms and grand-moms.

    That is a true sign of dysfunction.

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