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Discussion in 'Politics' started by blackbull1970, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Nixon was pretty bad and is generally considered to be one of the worst Presidents ever, but he was also an incredibly smart man in general. If not for Watergate he would have gone down as one of the better Presidents in history. He created the EPA, opened relations with China, signed Title IX into law, and ended the Vietnam War among other things.
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    If that second pic is true we did well.
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    More embarrassing than Bush the younger?
    I have no opinion really, just curious how America feels about the comparison.
    To me they both just seem like absolute buffoons.
    Republican party must really have a loyal base of support if those two can get themselves elected.
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    Oh, God yes. By leaps and bounds. I wasn't a fan of Bush but he was at least able to deal with criticism like an adult.
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    You just listed all the things that are now seen as strengths & virtues in Amerikkka.
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    Trump is the best thing that could have happened to Bush Jr's legacy. Trump has got liberals remembering George W. Bush's version presidency as the good old days.

    In fact, Bush's post-presidency approval is at 59 percent, it was only 35 percent when he left office.
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    No comparison. Bush had his issues but he at least gave a decent enough impression. He was
    Indeed buffoonish at times, but he never spewed the hate the was Trump does. I wasn’t a Bush fan and not a conservative but I’d take him back over what we have in a heartbeat.
  10. Since1980

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    People insulted Bush nonstop but he was too busy using his House and Senate majorities to pass legislation, not complain about, well...everything.

    I'm sure that he had his days when he was absolutely pissed at the media in general for the way they covered him and his administration but he rarely, if ever said anything about it. He knew exactly which battles were worth fighting and which battles weren't worth his time. Trump is never, ever going to be able to come close to doing that.
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    Interesting. All we ever really heard about Bush over here was through the media, who pretty much portrayed him as a drooling imbecile who could barely string a sentence together.
    The inference being that he was a puppet leader, with the strings being pulled behind the scenes by (most likely large corporate) powers unknown.
    I was just a kid when he was elected though so maybe not entirely objective lol.

    I definitely agree though that Trump is a hate-filled egomaniac who seems hell-bent on his own agenda.

    I guess neither are really great choices for president, though Trump would seem to be more dangerous. A loose cannon, whereas at least Bush would probably be more stable.

    Thanks for filling me in guys. It's really interesting hearing your views on this stuff.
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    The oddest thing about Bush is that he didn't always talk that way. When he was running for governor of Texas back in the 90s', he actually sounded like someone who could make complete sentences and verbalize complex thoughts. When you compare Gov. Bush to Pres. Bush, it sounds like night and day.
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    Agreed! I think in summary a major difference between Dubya (and others) and this current dude are... insanely large ego, juvenile tendencies, and sense of entitlement are so far off the charts... he actually makes everyone else better. That’s why everything about him and his admin are the best, never make mistakes and so on.
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    A(nother) perfect example of this fucking pussy being worried about the wrong things. For someone who's so opposed to political correctness he sure does have some thin skin:

  15. andreboba

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    The POTUS is a punk on so many levels.
    Just another fake tough guy. Always the bully but can't take it when shit blows back to him.

    When the Mueller investigation is finally released, Trump is really going to be pissed.
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    It's being reported that Trump asked for a 10 fold(!!!) increase in America's nuclear arsenal, after which point Secretary of State Tillerson called him a 'fucking moron'.

    Thank you, Trump voters.
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    Lol. Is dotard trying to turn earth into a star??
  18. redlolly

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    Surely not serious.
    Publicity stunt?
    Perhaps thats the most worrying thing of all. He seems not to care about making America better, he just craves the spotlight.
    Love or hate Obama, at least he tried to tackle problems and make things better.
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    For who??

    The bankers....Corporations....killer cops...and illegal immigrants???

    Don't let those puppets fool you.

    Obama is owned by Goldman Sachs just like Trump.
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