Not Together But Looking Good!

Discussion in 'In the Media' started by quantumblack, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    dont know but she's taller than him
  2. wtarshi

    wtarshi Moderator

    i've read that he's 5' 6" and 5' 8"...which one is it?
  3. wtarshi

    wtarshi Moderator

    who's that with john??? i'm in love :smt049
  4. raocha

    raocha New Member

    No. I've been a TYT fan for a few years. She says that she only dates Hispanic guys.

    Back on topic: she is a really cute girl.
  5. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    Kid Cudi and AnnaLynne McCord
  6. Sin Mari

    Sin Mari New Member

    Sophie Monk is a failed singer and failed actress, I wouldn't call her a model. However, that guy with her Brian Lara....holy cow! *swoons* If she doesn't want him, I"ll have him.

    Oh wait! I'm married. Bugger!!! :smt081 Oh well, he's now a part of my dream men. ;)
  7. quantumblack

    quantumblack Active Member

    LOL - her bio just said model.
  8. quantumblack

    quantumblack Active Member

    Dale S. Lewis and Dominica Westling
  9. quantumblack

    quantumblack Active Member

  10. Malik True

    Malik True New Member

    Being somewhat of a shoe person the ankle boots on Natalia are ridiculously sick...
  11. quantumblack

    quantumblack Active Member

  12. quantumblack

    quantumblack Active Member

  13. JordanC

    JordanC Well-Known Member




    Pharrell/Natasha Poly
  14. quantumblack

    quantumblack Active Member

    Jimmy Jean Louis & Hayden Panettiere


  15. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Loved the pix.
  16. AdventurSum

    AdventurSum New Member

    bow wow is definitely a little person. i was wondering who that chic was tho.
  17. AdventurSum

    AdventurSum New Member

    thank goodness that was just a rumor. that's my girl right there. she's too fly to be messin with that cornball. (yea, i'm hatin) hahaha

  18. quantumblack

    quantumblack Active Member

    Designer Ozwald Boateng and Model Elle MacPherson

  19. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano Moderator

  20. Inner Beauty

    Inner Beauty New Member

    LOL! I love Skateboard P....

    She always gets with cornball White guys though.

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