Is your attraction exclusively toward ww/bm?

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Is your attraction really about WW/BM?

  1. I'm mostly attracted to my own "race" but I come here for the scintillating discussions...

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  2. I'm open to any damn "race" including my own... I just come here for the lols.

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  3. I'm EXCLUSIVELY attracted to WW(/BM). That's just who I am. Like it or lump it!

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  4. I'm attracted to any "race" -- OTHER than my own! Just call me exogamous, thanks.

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  1. Madeleine

    Madeleine Active Member

    Yes, we are trying to cope, but it's not easy. The whole system wasn't prepared for so many refugees at once. New arrivals have gone down since the Balkan countries shut down the borders.
  2. KWillo

    KWillo Active Member

    I think women of any race can be sexy.However, when it comes to women finding me attractive, White girls have always been upfront and blatant about it before any other race of women.That would explain why the women I first had sex with were White.
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