Is their a more telltale sign that a white woman dates black men than her hair style?

Discussion in 'Stereotypes and Myths' started by 4north1side2, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. DudeNY12

    DudeNY12 Well-Known Member

    Well... I've dated a WW named Jennifer, a brief fling with one named Amanda, and briefly considered pursuing one named Christina. I decided against Christina because we worked at the same job, and even reported to the same person.
  2. 4north1side2

    4north1side2 Well-Known Member

    Lol I haven't fucked with a single white woman with those names.
  3. K

    K Well-Known Member

    Aren't those names the top female names born in the 90s?
  4. Gorath

    Gorath Well-Known Member

    I once dated a white girl named Jennifer. This "relationship" resulted in me having a suicidal depression that lasted nearly five years. I was being used, yet she never trusted me. I don't was too blinded with love and pride I didn't see it.

    I had forgiven her.
  5. Reverie

    Reverie Well-Known Member

    Weird that black men should even respond to it.
  6. GAmomlisa

    GAmomlisa Active Member

    Hahaha I dont think I've ever had one of these haircuts? Hmm might have to think back a bit lol

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