Interracial sightings on TV

Discussion in 'In the Media' started by blackbull1970, Feb 28, 2009.

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    Sad indeed.
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    So it's just waiting to be picked up by someone else or is it done for good?
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    Whenever broadcast networks don't pick up a new show after the pilot was done OR broadcast networks don't renew a show for a new season, I believe the studio has until the end of June to shop the show to other networks. If by the end of June no network or streaming service picks up the shows, the contracts tying the cast & crew to the show expires and the cast & crew can go find work on other TV shows. June 2017 has passed, so the show is officially done.
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    It's a dead cert surely.
    From the programme makers perspective there's no such thing as bad publicity, and all this media circus will do is guarantee more viewers for S3.
    The Lucas character is adorable and Max is already falling for him. Clearly he's set to be the hero who tames the wild rebellious bad girl and saves her from her fucked-up family.
    Only positive messages there.
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    OWN(Oprah Winfrey Network might be interested. Then, again. OWN might not want to want to add this program to their network.
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    Lol get real, it’s Opera (BW’s superman) they won’t even look at this.
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    Btw, not BM/WW related but a perfect example of bw selective outrage is with Runaways (I haven’t seen it and don’t plan to) there’s a black kid as the leader but there’s a plot twist and some messed up stuff happens in the comics that might happen in the show idk but if it DOES happen? Watch bw not talk about it or care lol but if it was a black chick in that scenario........
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    So I had "Star" on in the background tonight again (S02E07):

    [​IMG] @darkcurry @JamalSpunky 1 of the main storylines is shit we've talked about on this forum before.

    Luke James' character Noah is an R&B star. His record label boss lady is getting on him for being romantically involved with Star because as we've talked about numerous times on this forum, it's a NO-NO for a black male R&B star with a mostly black fanbase to be dating a non-BW, ESPECIALLY a WW.

    So I guess his label boss is trying to push him towards Star's darkskin black bandmate Alex (Who already is already dating Quincy Brown's character) because it would be better for his image. So now based on the promo for next week's episode we got a full on triangle:

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    It's funny how you mentioned black male r&b stars dating non-black women is a no no. Luke James dated British singer Jessie J for few months back in 2014.

    I wonder how it felt for the exes when they performed together (with Ro James, no relation) at the recent Soul Train Awards.
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    But is he wrong? That shit was 100% on point. Seriously can you think of any good loving relationships with a black man in it these days?
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    I wholeheartedly agree with the brotha lol. How were Dixon & Ivy portrayed after the S2 finale of "90210"? I've NEVER . . .NOT EVER seen a prominent successful "Black & Blonde" teen relationship on any show before "DIVY" so RRKS the executive producer has Dixon violate his core values and abandon Ivy (a prime prospect for predators) in AUSTRALIA for 91 nights of negligence . . . Dixon's duty to defend her from dangers clear & present be DAMNED!!!!
    They evolved into a ratings asset and potential power couple by the S2 finale and surely would grow stronger thru the summer in AUSTRALIA. Damn RRKS damn her immortal soul to hello for insulting our intelligence with such character & personality violation of a once great black character
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    Things look like they are getting better though. Weathering the storm a bit. We will see with these future IR relationships on screen now and others to come in 2018 with Cloak and Dagger and Life Sentence.
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    I felt he was bit off when he disscussed "Rosewood" & "Marvel's Jessica Jones", but the rest of the video was spot on.

    I don't remember anybody in this thread mentioning Brian J. White's IRR on USA Network's "Colony", so that's a new one I just learned about.
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    This is why there has to be either writers who are braver than most to have full control over their own stories or a new independent network has to be established.
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    This theory was NEVER more compelling than in the example of "Dixon & Ivy"!!!!
    It was well established that Dixon had tremendous protective instincts as a boyfriend during the initial six week airing of the 90210 reboot\spinoff in S1 when they had network record ratings for the CW. He kept a watchful eye on his new girlfriend Silver and even punched a potential pedophile in the jaw episode 6 . . . Dixon was a DYFS kid from NYC via Wichita so he had already learned life lessons about abusive adults who prey on adolescents ok? He would instinctively be on full alert with his new girlfriend Ivy because they're in an unfamiliar place (AUS) and there is no one else in Ivy's life who can provide the physical, masculine detterant to teen sex traffickers and other sexual deviants he could!!
    All they want is a window of weakness so they can drug her drink and drag her off to the outback .. ..

    . . they don't need 91 minutes and Dixon gave them 91 days and nights (SMDH).
    Dixon's decision led to absolute calamity for his status as a main character on 90210 and it was a unbelievable violation of his core values

    RRKS wanted to drive " Divy" into the dirt and diminish Dixon then neuter this negro. . . . then gave his his beautiful blonde girlfriend to secondary characters to fuck while he underwent a two year drought
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    [​IMG] I just found out that VH1's "The Breaks" was cancelled a couple weeks ago:

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