Hollywood Sexual Harassment Scandals

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    Former Seahawks QB and broadcaster, Warren Moon, sued for sexual harassment.
    By Craig Whitlock
    The Washington Post

    A California woman who worked for a sports marketing firm led by Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit alleging that the retired football star required her to wear thong underwear and share his bed during business trips.

    The lawsuit, filed Monday in Orange County, California, also alleges that Moon, 61, committed sexual battery by grabbing the woman’s crotch during a trip to Seattle this year. The suit further accuses Moon of pulling off the woman’s bathing suit after slipping a drug into her drink during a separate trip to Mexico in October.

    The lawsuit claims that she was demoted three months later in October for complaining about Moon's alleged inappropriate behavior at the firm (The Post reported.)

    A publicist for Moon’s company, Sports 1 Marketing of Irvine, California, did not return phone calls or an email seeking comment. Moon is a Seahawks radio analyst. After initially declining comment, the team announced Wednesday that Moon is taking a leave of absence.



    Two things...she didn't wait, which is good...but really?..forced to share his hotel bed on trips and forced to wear thongs? (<-- question @ thong, was that part of her job description?)
    I do get her fear of being blacklisted though..However, if she felt he drugged her she should have gone to the police.
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    I don't want to sound like I'm not sensitive to victims of harassment, but this story has all the telltale signs of a jilted sidepiece getting back at the man who did her wrong. If other women come forward I'm willing to reevaluate my opinion.
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    Definitely sounds like they had something secret going on. The part where she says Moon 'forced' her to share his bed on business trips is just stupid.

    Basically this chick is saying Moon was raping her on the regular and she couldn't do a thing about it.
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    And that's a reasonable assessment, l have my reservations with the details of her story myself...still out on it.

    I just want to know if she repeatedly abided by his alleged demands, or rejected them after the first time.

    Here is what the WP reported on his past...a solicitation for paid sex and assaulting his wife..

    "In May 1995, Moon was sued by a Vikings cheerleader who accused him of sexual harassment, alleging that he offered her cash for sex. The case was settled out of court days later.

    Two months after that, Moon was arrested in Texas after the quarterback's wife, Felicia, told police that he had slapped and choked her in their mansion near Houston.

    Moon told reporters that the couple had an argument and that he had made "a tremendous mistake." He reconciled with his wife, who declined to press charges.

    Authorities in Texas charged Moon with assault anyway, but he was acquitted by a jury after his wife testified that she had provoked the fight. They divorced in 2001.

    Moon co-founded Sports 1 Marketing in 2010 and serves as its president.

    According to the new lawsuit, Moon required Haskell to stay in his hotel room during business trips, sleep in the same bed and wear "skimpy thong lingerie bottoms" as nightclothes. When she protested, he replied that she had to comply to keep her job and said that "his prior assistant accepted the same arrangement," the lawsuit states."
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    "If Harvey said that, he's full of shit!": Renée Zellweger DENIES offering Weinstein sexual favors for roles
    By Ashley Collman 07 Dec 2017


    When dozens of actresses came forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment in the past two months, one of his former muses was strangely silent - Renée Zellweger.

    But on Wednesday, the Bridget Jones's Diary actress had a few choice words when she learned of a lawsuit that alleged she offered Weinstein sexual favors for roles.

    Actress Melissa Sagemiller is a plaintiff in a new lawsuit filed against Weinstein this week in New York federal court.

    She says during an encounter with Weinstien in the summer of 2000, he tried to coax her into having sex with him on the promise that it would further her career.

    The lawsuit says that Weinstein told her that 'Renée Zellweger, Charlize Theron and other actresses gave sexual favors'.

    Zellweger's career did hit its stride around that time, when Bridget Jones's Diary was released a year later. She then continued to pad out her IMDB page with such hits as Chicago and Cold Mountain, both also produced by Weinstein.

    Zellweger in response denied she slept her way to the top with him.


    Zellweger was one of the few who didn't offer any statement after the scandal, despite having worked extensively with Weinstein.

    When Zellweger won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Cold Mountain, she made sure to thank her 'friends at Miramax, especially Harvey'.

    DailyMail.com reached out to Zellweger for comment on October about the allegations against the longtime producer but she never replied.

    As for Theron, she has yet to weigh in on the claims in the lawsuit.

    Theron worked with Weinstien on five films - 1998's Celebrity, 1999's The Cider House Rules, 2000's The Yards, 2002's Waking up in Reno and 2009's The Road. The first four were at Miramax and the fifth was at The Weinstein Co.


    Shortly after the allegations against Weinstein came to light in October, she published a statement on Instagram saying she wasn't surprised.

    'The women who have spoken about their abuse are brave and heroic and although I didn't have a personal experience like this with Harvey Weinstein, I unfortunately cannot say I'm surprised. This culture has always existed, not just in Hollywood but across the world,' the statement read, in part.
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    You know ..that 'pizzagate' link you showed me about the code words and the Band..it's beginning to not sound so farfetched at all.

    When you look at the exposed pedo rings and the stack of enablers and the harboring of pedoes with power...
    when you note all the stung and arrested Judges, DC goverment workers, Scout Leaders, coaches, teachers, police officers, doctors, nurses, musicians, actors, Govt Officials, clergy, Hollywood Elites, politicians...just imagine then how much had been covered up, swept under the rug and ignored. It's frightening. Sex-slave trafficking is rampant and no one really gives it the attention it deserves.

    The Traffic movie with Ashley Judd coming out soon, hopefully will wake people up.
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    Arizona congressman Trent Franks resigns after two staffers complained he asked them if they would be surrogates


    The Republican decided to step down to prevent a 'sensationalized trial' after The House Ethics Committee said it would investigate him to see if his conduct 'constitutes sexual harassment.'

    Franks, asked two 'female subordinates' to bear his child in 2011, three years after he and his wife had twins using a donor egg and a surrogate.

    The 60-year-old said in a statement on Thursday: '
    Due to my familiarity and experience with the process of surrogacy, I clearly became insensitive as to how the discussion of such an intensely personal topic might affect others...

    'I deeply regret that my discussion of this option and process in the workplace caused distress.'

    Franks said he felt a fair investigation was impossible in the current climate.

    He added: 'I am deeply convinced I would be unable to complete a fair House Ethics investigation before distorted and sensationalized versions of this story would put me, my family, my staff, and my noble colleagues in the House of Representatives through hyperbolized public excoriation."

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    So, now we're really getting carried away, here. The question is being raised that if a performer in a band has consensual sex with a fan, is that an imbalance of power thereby making it sexual misconduct or maybe even rape?

    Wow. Princess Feminism run amok.

    Search for the band Pinegrove. It's not safe to be a male with any kind of power these days.
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    Under that logic no woman can ever consent because men are bigger and stronger generally. So there is always an imbalance of power. So basically this ain't about equality just trying to shame men into giving up all control
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    Can you imagine a male artist bringing a random person on stage tying her up and feeling on her like Janet Jackson used to do?

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    There have always been fringe thinking people out there who think all male sexuality is "aggressive" but in this new post-Weinstein world we live in, a lot of men are drinking the crazy kool-aid and are themselves starting to believe that their normal sexual behavior is in fact predatory.
  14. Beasty

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    People will always over complicate. At the end of the day, as long as there remains booze and half naked ass at the beach. I could care less.
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    I just heard a comedian on the radio today talking about a previous relationship with his ex-GF where they didn't have intercourse for 6 years because she found the idea of his penis being physically inside her.....offensive.


    Unfortunately, I feel like the internet gives fringe feminists, among others, too loud a voice and makes others believe they represent some kind of mainstream point of view.
  16. Beasty

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    Damn. That's like being offended because someone ate her cooking......lol. Smell, don't taste, look don't touch........lmao. I bet there are some simps that stand to attention for them orders.
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    A man I knew one time told me about how he had gone out with this woman and she'd never had an orgasm. He ends up bringing her to orgasm and she told him she felt "violated".
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    What in the holy hell??

  19. Beasty

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    She must want every aspect of her entire life to be dysfunctional chaos.........run for the hills!!!
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    Yah he said he got a bit f'd up over that for a minute. She wouldn't talk to him afterwards too! Crazy shit.

    I know about another one who called 911 when she had her first orgasm. LOL can you imagine explaining that shit when the cops show up?

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