Hollywood Sexual Harassment Scandals

Discussion in 'In the Media' started by ColiBreh1, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. The Dark King

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    Oh and to call out your complete and utter bullshit even further if you care so much about women then how do you support and vote for people who have open cases of sexual assault?
    That would be like me supporting someone who hangs out with neo Nazis oh wait that's still you.
  2. Beasty

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    Men are the majority in nursing? First time I've heard that.
  3. The Dark King

    The Dark King Well-Known Member

    I meant women so I'd assume since they control that arena men who would be assholes tread lightly
  4. Beasty

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    Naïveté. I don't think the mans behavior would matter. There are disagreements everywhere good luck if you think someone would have your back. I know where the short end of the stick would go.
  5. Bliss

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    Slander personally? Hilarious coming from you - if l disagree with your politics, l'm 'a natzee or WS' and worse. Go fuck yourself with your slander bullshit. You'd be deep in it so you better heed your own advice.

    "Everyone here supports and advocates a safe work environment for women"?
    Is that before all your "men are the plague, women will end up miserable, women will gossip, fight and drama, women shouldn't have sons, don't want to see women at my job" comments, or after??

    Your work segregation logic is essentially telling us to stay home if we don't like what we have to deal with. Much like, "if you're being sexually harrassed, why don't you just leave your job? Problem solved" except you're telling us to go work for or with only women.
    You suggest women just start their own businesses and hire only women. There, that would solve it. No sexual harrasment problems.
    Here's a better suggestion.
    Gives us all the businesses, we will pick which ones we want to keep and work in and then you get to work in the places we don't want. That's more than fair.
  6. GFunk

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    Segregation of the workplace is not the same as encouraging women to stay home and not work. The negative impacts to women deserving of jobs and promotions were acknowledged. I don't care if women are in or out of my workspace as I function fine in both, but I sure as shit wouldn't have any complaints if there weren't any.

    And yeah, you will be miserable with just women at work. The sexual harassment factor will be removed for the most part but you'll still have other shit that will make you miserable because y'all love drama. That's why lots of y'all have "friends" that you literally can't stand yet still hang out with. Y'all would rather be catty and petty with each other than just say you are done fucking with each other. Classic Mean Girls example. Caring more about their status and how they look to other people than cutting negativity out of their life. As long as y'all can do shit like go out to the club as the "hot girl group" and get attention, you'll put up with another girl you want to punch in the face. It's a status thing.

    The sexual harassment claims aren't about validation. Women seek validation naturally. It's more prevalent than ever now with social media. Sexual harassment and assault aside, women still want validation from all but want to reel in a specific person, meaning the hot guy.

    Finally, racism and sexism aren't the same thing. Those go in two different directions. The fight for racism is about equality. The fight against sexism which is led by feminists is rooted in racism and has never been about equality. You feminists want to take the power, now equalize it.
  7. GFunk

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    White daddy still got some of them on that leash. They know better.
  8. meowkittenmeow

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    I agree, I have met some women who are very easy to work with. But, as a black man, since our sexuality is demonized, slut shamed, and downright ridiculed, it puts us in an awkward position where anything we say can be easily sexualized.

    Not to mention there have been a few threads about black men being secually harrassed by white women bosses. I believe a few men attempted to sue. Segregating might help fix the issue. I don't believe it is all women who exhibit this predatory behavior, but some women want to add things that were never said or paraphrase to make themselves out to be victims. Others just want to stir the pot no matter how positive the environment is.

    Also, most don't like to admit it, but white women and women in general (including black women), have been in a position to oppress black men for quite some time (white women more so). Considering that our forefathers hung from trees due to false allegations and since black women have no problem doing the same (IE. Brian Banks), segregation may be an answer, at least in the case of black men. I think some female oppressors might find it difficult to understand, but many who are for equality and are oppose to white supremacy will have no problem understanding that.

    You, K, have made it obvious that you are interested in equality/against white upremacy so I think maybe that's why you understand where we are coming from.
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  9. The Dark King

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    Omg deal we can split this shit down the middle 50/50 and I guarantee you you still wouldn't be happy. And no one is telling women to stay home, come to the work force display your talents and compete in the market place. My only contention is to do it in female only environments so we can rid the world of work based sexual harassment. What's wrong with that?
    Again what would be ideal to you? What would make you happy? Do you even understand the concept of happiness?
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  11. ColiBreh1

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    Marc Guggenheim ("Arrow" co-creator/co-showrunner) getting aired out too:



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  12. Bliss

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    The segregation complaint isn't about not having men in our workplace, don't flatter yourself, it's the lack of jobs that would be available for us to choose from. Most positions of employment power are occupied by men. Most companies are owned and headed by men. Most supervisors are men. So what are we left with? Segregated in positions of zero growth, discriminated against and essentially discouraged to work in high-functioning positions. I'm sure you would be very happy if we went back to factory work. And you want to speak about women wanting power? How about plain ol' respect and equality.

    I laughed at this because men compete with each like a m/f. Men have the drama schtick perfected. You all cock-block at the club and try to best each other in everrrything. Men talk shit about each, men will hang out even though they don't care for every guy in the group. Men invented bulliness.

    I've worked in an all women's office environment and no issues arose. We did our work. Now with the integrated environment there was always those guys getting fired for going off on their supervisor, coming in late because of hangovers, drinking and doing drugs way more than women, sleeping on the job, harrassing women, you name it. And don't get me started on the drama gay men exhibit. And men who didn't like female bosses.
    Also, let's not get into homicidal men going postal on the job. Deep down, men don't like to be told what to do and they act out. You guys are no angels on the job, believe that.

    You actually did connect women complaining about sexual harrassement, to them not being able to last in a segregated work environment, because they need men's validation.
    Trust, women don't seek validation anymore than men do.
    Your comments unfortunately reflect a myopic view of women formed by your exposure to social media females looking to reel in the 'hot guy', as you say.
    Funny thing though, I often hear men say, everything you do to aquire things is because of women. To impress women. Women are the reason you shower. You act like women are shells without your sexual attention when it's to the contrary.

    Two different directions of oppression? . Nope. Anti-sexist policy is indeed about equality. Maybe not in your male world which is race-based, but certainly it is in our sex-based world.
    Feminism is absolutely not about racism, you are just parroting nonsense you were indoctrinated with by men here who don't like women, white in particular.
    Power of what exactly? Men? Who men? We just are sick and tired of being ripped-off, overcharged, sexually-insulted, belittled, dismissed, gaslighted, groped, beaten, raped sexually abused and murdered...by men. Real powerful, huh.
  13. meowkittenmeow

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    An interesting article on the subject


    As far as the white daddy thing goes, I heard a comment that makes sense. I am paraphrasing a bit, as I don't remember the exact quote... it was along the lines on, "white women always benefitted from white supremacy, they were just angry with their cut of the prize". Essentially, although white women statistically make more than all men and women of color (save for asian men), and although they are the most protected and wield a lot of power, they didn't get to have quite as much power as white men. Which is one reason why you will find a lot of white supremacy among white feminists.

    Actually, you find so much white supremacy among white feminists that black women had to create black feminism. Then when white supremacy invaded that, they had to create womanism to be completely free of the white supremacy of feminism. It's kind of sad really. But, you see it all the time. Like the reason why Tomi Lahren is very racist, but puts her foot down when it comes to women's issues.

    I think she has a black boyfriend now or had a black boyfriend. Off subject, it never ceases to amaze me the kind of racists that will show interest in black men and claim that they aren't racist because they dated a black man. By that logic, men who sleep with women can't be misogynists because they have sex with women. Really crazy stuff.

    Anyway, I agree, there are many who adhere to white supremacy within the feminists ranks and they tend to be particularly easy to point out.

    In regards to sexual harrassment, I see the benefits of segregation and where it might hinder promotions. I suppose if we looked deeper we could find a way to work it out through segregation or integration.

    On the subject of sexual assault and sexual harrassment, as a rape survivor who happens to be a male, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that male rape survivors gain zero respect from most feminists.

    Male tears, and using our experiences against us is rather common when I went to various support groups. It's very difficult to find support groups for men, and as I mentioned before, we have the feminist created duluth model to thank for that. It assumes that in domestic violence, the male is never the victim. And that theory, for most feminists, translates to the male is never the victim regardless of whether it is domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, and harassment. It's a shame really.
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    This Twitter thread highlights a lot of what I'm saying. So, an actor says he likes working on another show because of the perks. His boss tells him if his show got higher ratings, his show would get more perks, too. But, that gets lumped in with sexual harassment. WTH?

    Not to mention, this is how men speak to each other when millions of dollars are on the line. Your male boss isn't going to sugarcoat shit. Especially when his position is based on your numbers. But, now, we're expected to soften things up because someone may be offended by being direct.

    Sorry, that's not equality. That's Princess Feminism. ...lol
  15. K

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    Ok come on. Are you really going to say that men don't put up with a LOT of shit from other men in the workplace? You all deal with ass holes you don't like. Men who kiss up to the boss, manipulate things behind the scenes, and on and on it goes. One of the things I know for a fact from working with top execs for so many years is that men do dirt to each other all the time. The one problem with segregating by gender is that the guys wouldn't be able to blame women for the shit they are doing. The buffers that are often used and the excuses would be gone. They also wouldn't be able to take credit for the work we've done for them.

    I have no problem being real with this conversation...but then lets be real. There are some really nasty mofos out there who will do anything and everything possible to get what they want when it comes to money and business, they have no problem burning their best of buds because of course "it's just business". Now, the difference is we usually are pretty clear about that's who and how they are and can deal accordingly and with women it's often done in a much different way.

    But if you think that all of a sudden it would become this utopia of sorts where everyone is helping each other and all getting along....nah. The hunter, competitor, etc is just too strong with certain men. Once the pecking order is set then it may work well, but then of course there are always those times when someone gets puffed up and feels the need to try to upset the order of things wanting their own sense of power.
  16. samson1701

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  17. meowkittenmeow

    meowkittenmeow Well-Known Member

    As I mentioned before, discussions and fists. Initially there may be some problems, but you tend to work that out early. I agree that any work environment, regardless of gender, isn't going to be a utopia. But, as black men, it would be nice not having to worry about misunderstandings and false accusations on top of everything a black man has to deal with in a work environment, on top of everything everyone has to deal with.
  18. Beasty

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    No one is saying it would be a Utopia, but it will be an improvement so I'll take it in a heartbeat. All a man really needs is his SO and the women who are blood relatives. Stay faithful to the SO and get money, simple.

    Let the women sort out their own issues until they ask for help.
  19. ColiBreh1

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    Full story news clip from Clevver News:

  20. meowkittenmeow

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    I don't think a man needs a SO, but I agree with most of what you are saying.

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