Dannon drops Cam Newton for sexist remark to female reporter

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Bliss, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. andreboba

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    She didn't lose face by trying to sound as ignorant in the moment as Cam did.
    Female reporters in the not too recent past had to deal with a lot of fucked up shit interviewing players in the lockerroom, and the way you combat that is by staying professional.
    So when a male player 'drops' his towel in the middle of an interview after a game, a female reporter knows she can't respond hysterically, or flash her bewbies as a countermove.
    You just keep conducting the interview.

    It's over anyway. Cam gave a well thought out apology and I don't think he really meant to suggest women can't be NFL reporters because they don't know anything about football.
  2. Reverie

    Reverie Well-Known Member

    Someone actually did that?

  3. medullaslashin

    medullaslashin Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. Dude should know that as a businessman he has to be "on" all the time (especially when he has a mic in his face). Dude is making 7-figures, and carrying himself like he's a stoned high schooler. :rolleyes: Plus, women may not know routes, but they eat a lot of fuckin yogurt. So, Cam's just gotta take the "L" on this one, and justifiably so...

    Hang on -- not so fast there bro... Discovery channel had a whole show called "Rocket City Rednecks" about redneck guys into science... Does that mean I'm now allowed to publicly talk shit about "rednecks"? "Jersey Shore" featured kids calling themselves "guidos" and "guidettes"... Does that mean italians shouldn't be upset if celebs publicly refer to italians as "guidos"? Because some jewish people laughingly refer to themselves as "cheap", should everyone be allowed to publicly do so?...

    If black people miraculously stopped using the word "nigger", does that mean that everyone else who uses "derisive" terms as endearment or familiarity should also be censored? ...From women who use "bitch", to gays who use "queer" or "fag", to aaaaaaaalllll the various ethnicities around the world throughout history who have "pet" names for themselves??

    Nature's not neat. Getting people to stop using "epithets" and stereotypes within their own cultures as terms of endearment is a fool's errand. ...And the same rules and protections should apply to black people as any other group.

    Just because some black people use "nigger" doesn't mean that we should simply accept other people calling your kids that, because somehow "it's all our fault". ...And you know that if they use the word in one context (like that tweet), they'll oh-so "innocently" be calling your children that to their faces next. Should your kids then resort to racial epithets to defend themselves? ... or just bow their heads? ... or take the high road, & stew?

    Obviously, other people should not use that word EVEN IF some black people use it... Same with "redneck", "guido", "queer", etc. :cool:
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  4. andreboba

    andreboba Well-Known Member

    There's no equivalent to the word nigger in AMerican society. There are some racial slurs that are close, but not on the same level in terms of public offense and outrage.

    Rodrigue reposted a tweet calling NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt a 'bitch nigga'. It was meant as a general insult against a man who is White, not a slur against Black people.
    Black rappers brought the term 'bitch nigga' into the pop culture vernacular. Not White supremacists. Not neo-Nazis.

    if the Black community had retired the N-word say 30 years ago, you wouldn't see tweets like the one people are trying to pin on Ms. Rodrigue as proof of her 'racism'.

    I'm real simple about this, if Black people have such a problem with the word EVER being used by non-Black folk, why do we continue to put that toxic word out into the public consciousness??

    No other ethnic or minority group is as wedded to a particular racial slur the way Black folk are to 'nigger'.
    The slavemaster called us that shit when he whipped our backs raw, and now generations of Black people swear saying nigger is like some goddamn birthright and an invaluable part of our culture.

    Like if we don't say nigger as often as possible, we aren't being Black enough.

    When you look at Black pop culture prior to the mid 1980s, Black people talked differently and how others responded to our culture was also not the same as it is today.

    Young non-Black music fans didn't go around calling themselves nigga cause that's what their favorite R&B artists were singing.
    The only Black people who used the word nigger heavily were usually poor and uneducated, and some comedians.

    I've said on this board before that I NEVER heard a Black person in my immediate family, including cousins, aunts and uncles say the word nigger growing up or as an adult. Not casually or in anger.

    So excuse me if I don't consider use of the word a 'Black thing'.
    It's a stupid ass dumb-as-shit thing.

    I had the opportunity recently to sit in on a outpatient group therapy class near the hospital where I live.
    Most of the class participants were millennials, Black, Hispanics and Whites.

    Two hispanic dudes started dropping the N-word describing their own drug history and how they ended up in the program, except they weren't talking about anyone Black. Nigger was just a generic adjective for 'my boyz'. A couple Black kids used it. A Hispanic girl dropped it too. When one of the White girls said it, that's when the group director asked them if they would please try to refrain from using profanity.lol

    Maybe I'm getting old, but using the n-word in causal conversation isn't cool. It doesn't make you appear more down, or more authentically Black. It just sounds stupid.

    I will never understand why generations of Black people fiercely celebrate the ignorance of saying the word nigger.

    IMO we made ghetto culture mainstream and now people try to act shocked when non-Blacks think nigger is an okay thing to say.
  5. flaminghetero

    flaminghetero Well-Known Member

    We are actually winning the culture war...without even trying.

    Ray Manzerek....
    Keyboardist for the 60's Rock band 'The Doors' said:

    "If not for Black people,we'd be in powdered wigs,mincing about on our tippy toes":D:D:D

  6. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

  7. medullaslashin

    medullaslashin Well-Known Member

    I'm not big on using the n-word either ... But my kids shouldn't be punished for what comes out of other people's mouths. They can't control that.

    Besides, as I said, other people proudly use epithets in reference to their own culture.. "Redneck" is a proud title among rednecks. No double standard for black people, please...

    Hell, if I could wave a magic wand, believe it or not there would be plenty I would change about the black underclass and hip hop culture, including the open use of "nigga". In the meanwhile, I want my kids to have a toehold without having to pay tons extra just for being black.

    Btw, in that group therapy session I bet no one would've used that word if there were no black people present. No nonblack person uses that word innocently around black people. When nonblack people use that word, it's alway a "test" of sorts...

    With regard to hip hop -- don't get me started. It has been failing the community for a long time now... 21 Savage seems to be dedicated to fulfilling bill o'reilly's stereotype about black men...complete with the tattoo on his forehead. lol
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  8. andreboba

    andreboba Well-Known Member

    I think those White and hispanic kids still would have used the word because that's just how they talked. Most of these kids have been in and out of the criminal justice system since their early teens. These weren't some hipster, suburban kids trying to be slick.

    Of course they know how to censor themselves depending on where they are and who they're around, but if they get in a relaxed environment that's one of the words they use.

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