BM/WW Celebrity Families with children

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    Evan, Ashlee, her son Bronx and their girl, Jagger Snow.
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    I think every girl my age had a Kobe phase .. mine was when he was younger with longer hair
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    They were mentioned in the sports talk thread The Browns/St. Browns, mom and dad are Brown the boys are St. Brown (John changed their names because 1. He did not like that it was paying homage to the slavemasters, 2. Brown is to plain and common and he wanted his sons to stand out even more). They were recently profiled on HBO Real Sports think of the Ball family of College football, except the Dad is not trying to be the star and is not dictating everything. All three boys play WR the oldest Equanimeous St. Brown played at Notre Dame entered NFL Draft this year right now projected to be 3rd roundish, but could improve that after workouts and the combines, and that is his gf with him in the pic. Middle brother Osiris is currently playing at Stanford, was one of the most sought after WR prospect in the country. Youngest brother Amon-Ra said to be the best of the bunch just commited to USC.

    John St. Brown is a two-time Mr. Universe that marred a tall, strong German woman with the sole intention of creating supreme athletes. Over the years, he meticulously controlled his sons' caloric intake and weight training while fine-tuning their bodies. His wife, Miriam, exercised their minds, encouraging them to speak three different languages.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Father John is a former 2 time Mr Universe and 3 time Mr World

    Equanimeous and Lindsay

    John has stated that the family ultimate goal is not to get the kids to the NFL but to one day own a team. If you could not tell he is an entrepreneur, Cane Protein is a brand he developed himself. In the piece for HBO he mentioned that instead of placing a pic of himself on the bag, he put a pic of his father in law because he looks more the part. He believed that as a former bodybuilder it would not be believable that he attained his body using the protein alone. He is also an artist and a fashion designer.
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    Best post of the day. Loved reading this. Strong and beautiful IR Families are the best.
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    I have never been a fan, he got a great body as long as he was active, he showed off a dad bod last summer and it did not fit him. Such a slender man as him needs to stay fit to look good. His wife and girls are adorable though.
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    I find it wrong. Had this conversation with my four y/o recently. When I was kissing him good night he said I should kiss him on the lips (don’t know where he got the idea, maybe he saw me give his dad a kiss ). I told him no, I can give him a kiss anywhere else on the face, cheek, forehead, whatever but not his lips. I only kiss daddy on the lips. Just can’t do it no matter their ages. My parents never did it either. I do love cuddling and all that, I think their are other ways to give physical affection to your kids than kissing their lips.
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    Four year old, around a young age especially a baby I understand. But again I'm not going to judge how people choose to show affection with their children as I don't have any.
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    I don’t know ...four year olds understand a whole lot of things...I just go by what feels right to me and the kissing on the lips doesn’t.
    My four y/o has also recently started to take an interest in my breast. I had explained the biological purpose to him before (you were drinking milk from it when you were a baby and so on...) but then one time he purposely touched my breast (probably out of curiosity) so I had to explain to him that this is one of the private body parts and I don’t like him to touch it like that and neither do other women. It’s good for them understand some boundaries early on cos it empowers them to set them for themselves, too. If my dad had been kissing me on the lips at 12 it’d have been the weirdest thing ever...
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    I understand where some people like yourself are coming from with that. It's just a very touchy subject that I try to limit as much of my opinion to, you know what I mean?

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