Anyone Want To Come To Australia?

Discussion in 'How To Meet White Women and Black Men' started by wtarshi, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Bliss

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    How are they related to South Asians?. They really don't intermingle much, culturally. Only with White Aussies the most. But up until then, l think they mostly stayed true to their DNA. Interesting to look in to later though, when l get time..
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    Somebody help me off the
  3. Bliss

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    Fascinating explanation of the African Aborigine genome..

    "...The study, by an international team of academics, was carried out in close collaboration with elders and leaders from various Aboriginal Australian communities – some of whom are co-authors on the paper – as well as with various other organisations representing the participating groups.."
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    You can't make this shit up

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    I think ol' Tarshi finally aged out of the system lol
  7. ColiBreh1

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    Well, her profile says she was signed into this forum was a month ago.
  8. Soulthinker

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    Hope one of the members of this site visit Oz soon and share some pix.
  9. beccaomecca

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    Why don't you
  10. glt1980

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    I will be there next year and cant wait
  11. Soulthinker

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    No! Until feminism is dealt with then there's no need to come to Australia it's gynocentric. There is a white girl who lives in Australia who I talk to and we've been talking for a long time so maybe
  13. 4north1side2

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  14. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Well,I hope you go over there to see her. Save your money.
  15. TCB

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    Hi i am a newaby here i think i have one of the hottest body ever.So sexy and you name it come after me
  16. TCB

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    Hi I think am the one you really need.
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    Was there this past January, beautiful country. Traveled Gold Coast, Sydney and Brisbane and the women are very attractive.

    Tip guys: Go to Bondi beach it's a candy store for men.
  19. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    HD,hope you got those hookups before you left The Lucky Country. I know there is more than Bondi Beach to get those Aussie women.
  20. Mrmike757

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    Went there last year. Sydney and Melbourne. Can't wait to go back! Fellas don't do like I did, met a girl on tinder and was basically boo'd up most of my time in Melbourne. I was warned the brothas are welcomed there and to keep my options open lol. I was at a club one night, and was getting approached like I was the hot chick lol. I was with shorty and she drove so I didn't want to do her dirty.
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