5 Languages or less, which would you choose?

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  1. jaisee

    jaisee Moderator

    First, wipe the slate clean. Lets say you are starting from scratch, you have no knowledge of ANY language. By some divine miracle, or whatever, you are given the opportunity to receive the ability to choose any 5 known languages. Which five would you choose? Equally as important, why?

    I had an interesting conversation with a group of friends a few nights ago. The topic wasn't the same as what I'm presenting here, but it will bring me to similar conclusions. I'm really curious to know what direction this board will take on the topic. I'll give more information after some responses are received.
  2. whikle

    whikle Moderator

    English & Spanish - widely spoken, super handy
    Mandarin - economics 'n shiz, great career prospects
    French - It's sexy, and counts for a bunch of countries
    German - cos you made me choose a 5th one :p

  3. Ches

    Ches Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, well I'll give it a shot.

    1. English because it's the language of my country and spoken, to some degree, in many others.

    2. Spanish because there are so many people in my country who speak it.

    3. German because I'm of German heritage.

    4. French because it sounds sexy and I've never even attempted to learn it, unlike Spanish and German.

    5. I have no idea. No other languages really interest me. Unless ASL counts. That would be interesting to learn so I could communicate with the hearing-impaired.
  4. jaisee

    jaisee Moderator

    Visual languages do count. I meant to include that.

  5. Ches

    Ches Well-Known Member

    I'm very curious to learn where you're going with this, so I hope enough respond so you'll tell us. Lol.
  6. wtarshi

    wtarshi Moderator

    i'm kinda like the other girls....

    english as it's so widely used
    french because you can tell someone to fuck off and it sounds beautiful and sexy
    mandarin as it's spoken by our neighbours
    japanese same reason as mandarin, but also i think it is so beautiful to look at
    hebrew because of the history and the beauty and complexity of the written language
  7. 4north1side2

    4north1side2 Well-Known Member

    1. English because it's spoken all over the world.

    2. Spanish because it's the 2nd most popular language in the world and it sounds so sexy.

    3. ASL because it's freaking cool.

    4. Japanese because I love anime.

    5. German because I find german women incredibly sexy.
  8. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    Spanish - widely spoken, highly useful.

    Hebrew - ancient history, interesting origins.

    French - sexy

    German - I love Germany and the culture.

    English - most useful of all languages.
  9. The Dark King

    The Dark King Well-Known Member

    JavaScript since it's so widely use
    Mandarin business opportunities galore
    Japanese since I've studied mostly Japanese martial arts
    Spanish its another widely used language
    The language of my people the Ashanti. It would be cool to know
  10. Mignonne

    Mignonne New Member

    French -- gorgeous
    Portuguese -- sexy
    Japanese -- zen
    Italian -- sensual
    Russian (for it's richness and literary classics, not just because I am Russian
    :) )
  11. Athena

    Athena New Member

    Fun question, I like a lot of the choices presented plus I'd add Punjab to the list since I know and work with so many that speak it. It would be great to be able to converse...
  12. Be-you-tiful86

    Be-you-tiful86 Well-Known Member

    English - It's the current lingua franca,most common language,understood by most people in the world. Plus I love it's sound

    Spanish - It is also widely spoken in many parts of the world,plus it sounds passionate to me

    German - I was born and raised here,still living in Germany and have a long family tree here. Plus Germany is still relatively stable in the economy and doing a lot of international business,plenty of exporting

    Greek - Everything about Greece fascinates me. Their landscape,culture,food,wine,mythology,history. I had a chance to visit Athens last summer and fell in love with Greece even more.

    Mandarin - Also plenty of business opportunities,plus it would be cool to be able to write all the signs. I have a great respect for those who have mastered it.
  13. Gorath

    Gorath Well-Known Member

    1. Spanish(South,Central American, Castillian from Spain)-I am around a lot of Spanish speaking folks.
    2. Portuguese-It will be helpful if I go to Brazil.
    3. Japanese-I like the cadence in that language and I grew up watching Kaiju Eiga films(giant monster movies e,g; Godzilla/Gojira) and anime. Now getting into Akira Kurosawa, Seijun Suzuki and others.
    4. Italian- It sounds professional, friendly and romantic.
    5.Russian,Ukrainian, German, Gaelic, Arabic, Farsi, Norwegian. Either one of those languages.
  14. Thump

    Thump Well-Known Member

    English -Because all of the worlds cool stuff gets translated into English.
    Japanese- Just for fun.
    Mandarin- For future proofing myself.
    Spanish- same as above.
    French- Because I just like the way it sounds.
  15. christine dubois

    christine dubois Well-Known Member

    -English..people all over the globe will be able to understand you
    -French..there's a certain sexyness in that language
    -maybe Italian/Spanish
    more ain't necessary in my eyes..it would just be for hobby
  16. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    English- widely spoken
    German- a good business language
    Arabic- would help me navigate in places that are historically interesting.
    Greek- for general insight, especially for matters related to history
    Latin- for insight into many other languages. After being magically bestowed with the ability to speak Latin, I would study French (beauty), Spanish and Italian (sexy).
  17. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano Moderator

    English- For obvious reasons
    Spanish- Key second language to have
    Mandarin- Just in case China takes over the global economy
    Arabic- So I can know if they're talking about me when I go into any corner store or gas station
    British accent- (Hopefully that counts because the ladies love it)
  18. Gemini74

    Gemini74 Well-Known Member

    english- world language number one
    spanish- coz i like the way it sounds
    classical latin/greek and hieroglyphics - coz i m a history lover
  19. satyr

    satyr New Member

    English - As long as America is the best game in town, you should know English. The fact that England, Australia and Canada are all wealthy countries with representative democracies knocks the ball out of the park.

    French - Primarily for academic reasons as their philosophical tradition is one of the best in the world. The language is also spoken in Quebec.

    Portuguese - Brazil is the wealthiest country in Latin America and the women destroy the competition. Need I say more?

    Spanish - Not a great philosophical tradition but Spain claimed so much land in the western hemisphere after 1492 that it makes sense to learn it.

    Korean - Of course there are more Mandarin speakers in the world but Korea (South) is a democratic country and very wealthy. The women are among the best you'll find anywhere.
  20. interim

    interim New Member

    English - popular and so on..
    Spanish - i like how it sounds
    Russian - because a lot of not russian people still can speak this language..
    body language - if youre expert of this, you will unerstand person better

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