4 held in attack on disabled man broadcast on Facebook

Discussion in 'In the News' started by MrT, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Here's another recent case that the media downplayed:
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    Hi well i think in the context of this story, being a race hate crime, yes their race was needed, same as it has and should be when rouge white cops kill black people - or any other crime...i agree media should not stereo type but need to report that facts
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    the only reason you think I have a"trolling agenda" is you don`t like my points, or playing the devils advocate on issues - that are plenty of threads here about hate crime, sohpie ritchie, homes destroyed by racists etc, are they trolls too? I have posted on other topics before but yeah sorry i don`t post here that often on other topics - by saying so you and others are tit for tat trying to say what I posted was false

    There are many cases media downplay racial hatred in crimes, world over - I don't think you want to go down that track with a very PC media these days
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    Again...love how you trolls stay on & defend pushing your propaganda as well as point out other unusual off topic threads. The fact that you come across like some sterile bot trying to push "truth" doesn't actual inspire any desire to engage in meaningful conversation at all. But I digress. Please come spit your "truth" for all of us in between your stints of lurking on this site waiting for the right media stories that fit into the propaganda that you wish to impart so you can continue to pop up at irregular intervals.....
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    Newsflash! Stupid people come in all colors...

    ...but these fools weren't part of BLM, so anyone who uses them to attack BLM is obviously illegit. They might as well blame BLM when it rains, because it makes about as much sense.
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    At least the guy's family didn't play into the bullshit. As far as I've seen, they basically just asked for privacy and that was that.

    They ~ unlike some victims of racist brutality ~ can be sure that justice will be served. Would be nice if we all could.
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    Get the fuck out of here with that. You need to stop reading sites like breitbart & stormfront. The media aren't ignoring or excusing crimes committed by blacks & muslims. Your little right-wing "echo chamber" is telling you that and you gobble it down because it justifies your pet grudge.

    Don't you wish everyone had a hard-on for blacks and muslims like your little backward circle? Well, no -- some people reject punishing people for the circumstances of their birth.

    You see RIGHT HERE IN THIS THREAD crimes by "whites" that didn't make the mainstream media AND went virtually unpunished. But you can only smell dark people's shit. You're unbalanced. Try a little self-awareness.
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    Yes, you should call out hate where ever it raises its ugly head, but with regard to your "ALM"...

    Which is more true?:

    a) BLM is intended to mean "ONLY black lives matter" or...
    b) ALM means "All lives matter, EXCEPT BLACK" ...?

    You can find the answer by checking who's down with each phrase: the rainbow of people who endorse BLM and consider police impunity a dangerous problem for all... or... the people who believe black people deserve to live under the fear of police impunity because of "black on black" violence in places like chicago.

    Check who insists on "ALM" and you'll see... The working, brass-tacks definition of ALM means "All lives matter, EXCEPT BLACK". You can tell by the nazi grudges of the pinheads most adamant about it.

    Personally, I'll take BLM, because it really means "Black lives matter TOO". It doesn't mean "ONLY black lives matter", just like the old saying "Jewish blood isn't cheap" doesn't mean spilling other blood is okay.

    "ALM" is a nonsensical term, because its only intent is to CLOUD the issue of police impunity... If there were no BLM, would there be ANY people shouting ALM? NOPE. Does ALM mean we should finally solve the problem of uneven justice? NOPE. ...So what does it mean? It means two-tiered justice is fine, so you should be quiet about it.

    ...So I'll take BLM, though I do wish that they had given it a different name, instead of playing into the enemy's game, with its focus on RACE. That's the enemy's RELIGION, and it's counterproductive to fight them while simultaneously giving CREDENCE to their evil religion. Need to stop naming organizations "Black" this and "Black" that.

    There are better ways to convey the agenda... & all colors are welcome anyway... so no need to play the enemy's race game...

    I would rather have seen something like OLM ("Our Lives Matter").

    Increasingly I'm liking NLM ("No Lives Matter"). That's where we're headed if we don't fix this shit.
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    1 of the the YouTubers I subscribe to just confirmed in a video I'm watching right now that the white kid lives in Crystal Lake, Illinois. According to Wikipedia, Crystal Lake is about 45 miles northwest of Chicago & is outside of Cook County. 1 of the black kids is from Carpentersville, Illinois which is also outside Cook County. The other 3 black kids are from the city.

    The whole thing seems like staged playfight & the kids livestreamed it for attention.
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    ^It does seem a little suspect don't it?
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    ^Yawn, if only the outrage from middle America was this deep for Tamir Rice....
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    "Get the fuck out of here with that. You need to stop reading sites like breitbart & stormfront. The media aren't ignoring or excusing crimes committed by blacks & muslims. Your little right-wing "echo chamber" is telling you that and you gobble it down because it justifies your pet grudge."

    sorry to disappoint you but I`m not some right wing nutter you would like to think I am so you can ignore a point different to yours.

    There are many cases of police and ngos covering up crimes esp by muslims - I`m not going to go into it so more of you will meltdown, but look up the UK police covering up pedophile rapists targeting non muslim girls 100`s in fact - police did not want to appear racist, similar in France and Scandinavia Australia and NYE Germany.

    This only plays into hands of the right wing nutters getting more power

    as far as BLM or ALM I agree OLM is the best

    I did not raise BLM ALM on this thread, just posted what I thought was a nasty case and got flamed,

    I think there was a lot of support from middle America for BLMT but when protests got violent and cops were killed - it may have lost momentum
    cops that gun down anyone illegally should be prosecuted of course

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