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5 Languages or less, which would you choose?

First, wipe the slate clean. Lets say you are starting from scratch, you have no knowledge of ANY language. By some divine miracle, or whatever, you are given the opportunity to receive the ability to choose any 5 known languages. Which five would you choose? Equally as important, why?

[ 5 Languages or less, which would you choose? ]

Respect where it's due

Opponents of interracial relationships claim that people who are involved interracially lose touch with their communities, are too weak or too self centered to stand up for marginalized and disadvantaged people, and can't be role models for the next generation. Let's make a list of all those people who made a difference even though they were/are involved with or married to non-black women or non-white men.

[ Respect where it's due ]

Poll: Fades, braids, dreads, or bald heads?

Ladies, let's say you have your choice of 4 guys, each is a "10" and all else is equal. One is a baldie, one has dreadlocks, one has braids, the other has a standard "fade" Which look would you gravitate to?

[ Fades, braids, dreads, or bald heads? ]

Fetishes anyone?

So.. anyone want to talk about fetishes?

Do you have any???

What little extra things turn you on??  Don't be shy...


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[ Fetishes anyone? ]


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